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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sometimes people shock me.

Not very often as I've learned over the years that humanity is a giant cesspool of  humans( and I use that term lightly) who don't give a shit about a LOT of things, morality, ethics, manners, responsibility...etc.  So today facebook is aflutter w/ all the people who don't post anything 364 days of the year, but it's the end of the year so let's pretend we give a shit and post SOMEthing.

  I have a lot of FB friends, from my kids, some of their friends, some of the kids on my daughter's teams, friends from high school, acquaintances, besties, to my Mother.  This morning one of the girls I'm friends with (who's 13!) posted this as her status: "Cody Simpson; I hope you have abs so when we get married I can lick whip cream off of them. ;)" 

 Really?!  Now I'm not stupid I realize that teenage girls probably think this stuff, talk to their girlfriends about it, text each other about it, write it in there diaries or journals or whatever, but  to post it on facebook for the whole world to see?  Not a good idea, I have to say I was a bit shocked to read it this morning especially from the girl who posted it.

Finally the LAST day of 2012

The last 10 days have just added to the SUCK of this year.  Let's review shall we?

In February DH took the van to run an errand, hit a mailbox.  Not just any mailbox a BIG bricked in mailbox.  The mailbox was fine, the van...not so much.  A few thousand in damage, a $286 deductible..still hasn't been fixed, looks like crap.

So last spring I felt like crap nearly every day, I felt like I was going to die often, I've had heart issues before and they can never find anything wrong.  Ended up at a cardiologist in Owosso (HELLO 40  miles one way! Grrr) and she tells me I have P.O.T.S.  witch is an abbreviation for a bunch of long words that means my blood volume is 2 liters less than every normal human on the planet and my heart doesn't compensate normally for when I stand up from a sitting or lying position and then makes my heart beat rapidly to catch up.  It's great, all of a sudden for no reason your heart goes apeshit and you feel like you're going to have a heart attack.  The good news is it can eventually go away, the bad news is there's not actually a way to treat it at all.  She said it was probably caused by a bad virus it sends your auto immune system out of whack and causes a bunch of issues.  So basically my heart is perfectly fine and healthy I just FEEL like I'm going to die. Her only advice is to eat more salt and drink LOTS of water.  I hate salt, and I'm REALLY tired of water, I feel like a damn fish BUT if I don't drink enough I feel like I'm going to die, so fish it is.  I also can't drink alcohol it makes me feel like crap instantly, I can't even describe it and if I don't drink enough water to counteract the dehydration abilities of the alcohol I end up in the E.R.  What fun.

So then in the summer my husband started feeling like crap, I was like " probably have the same thing".  Though he kept having weird headaches and I would joke around that he had a tumor and tease him about it.  I told him he should get it checked out, he insisted he was fine...blah blah blah don't need to go to the doctor.  Well he finally told me that when these headaches happen he also has double vision, I told him then not only should you go to the Dr. you should go straight to the E.R.  that's not something to mess around with.  So he goes to his doctor, who sends him to an eye doc telling him that maybe he needs glasses and that can cause a headache, dizziness..etc.  So he goes to the eye doc who tells him he's fine.  Then his doc sends him to a neurologist, who in turn sends him for an MRI.  OK so he goes to the MRI, I go to work, he calls me and says, " they found something and told me to go directly to the E.R."  Sometimes it really sucks to be right.  He has an inoperable malignant brain tumor called a Granular Cell Astrocytoma, he's been give a few months to two years to live.  Peachy.  He's currently ok, gone through radiation and chemotherapy and in a waiting game of what they'll do next.  It's not a question of a cure, they've assured him it WILL come back, it's only a matter of time.

Right before he found all this out the car died.  He was still trying to work while dealing w/ these headaches so  he had to borrow a friends vehicle, for nearly two months it sat cause we didn't have the money to deal w/ it.  Turns out it was the alternator and our wonderful, amazing friends fixed it and it runs fine.  Then he hit a deer w/ it, well technically a deer hit him, but still.  Destroyed the front right quarter panel of course.  Luckily it was still driveable. Dropped it off at the shop to get fixed the week before Christmas.

Fast forward to the day before Christmas Eve, we were gonna run out really quick and pick up a few last minute items. I didn't want to deal w/ the crowds so we were going as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning.  We left, had to drop something off at the Car shop that was fixing the car, did that moved on and was headed for the freeway.  Went over some railroad tracks and the front tire on the van blew.  Managed to  limp to a Uhaul parking lot.  Hubs then tells me we don't have a jack or crow bar...he took it out for some reason and didn't put it back in.  Great!  Walk into Uhaul and ask if we can borrow a jack.  They were very helpful and would let us, but couldn't find it.  So again we had to call on our super amazing, awesome friends.  They came to the rescue put on the spare (the spare was in HORRIBLE shape, wasn't sure we'd make it the two miles to the tire store) and off we went to get a new one.  Well both the fronts were so bad that we had to buy TWO new ones.  December 23rd = $169.

That same night I was sleeping, hubs was watching TV and he hollers in to the bedroom..."HEY! Hey you gotta come here, something's wrong w/ the dog!"  WTH!?  so I go out in the living room and the dog is having seizures SHIT!  We wrap her in a blanket and run her to the ER vet, luckily the little kids were sleeping.  The big kids were still awake and we let them know something was wrong and we were taking her to the vet.  I was TERRIFIED the kids would be devastated if we lost our dog.  So go to the vet, his first estimate of what they can do is $505 UP FRONT.  Then I'm devastated, there's NO way I can pay that much right then and there, I told him my top amount was $200 so he said she could stay for over night observation and if she had more seizures they would medicate her to stop them.  All that wonderful service cost me a bargain basement price of $195 (still Dec 23).  Dog is fine, no further seizures, have no idea why.

Week after Christmas I gotta work 8:30 to 5 everyday ( I usually don't I'm part time) because we have inventory, fine. I don't mind.  Thursday the 29th the van won't start, the car is still in the shop, and I need to be there pronto.  I had the option of a rental car through my insurance because the car was in the shop, didn't take it because I had the van.  John can't drive so he doesn't need a vehicle.  SO I called the insurance company and told them, " I need that rental car ASAP", so they set it up, Enterprise picks me up to sign the paperwork.  I tell them I need a vehicle that seats 6 ( cause we had a Christmas party to go to, ALL of us), they tell me all they have is a truck.  REALLY!?  A truck...OK whatever, so they give me a GINORMOUS Dodge Ram 1500 Crew cab.  LOVED the truck...still don't know why the van didn't start, made it to work only a half hour late, made it to the party that evening...OH yeah, the car was done 2 hours after I rented the truck...figures.

SO I'm totally DONE w/ this year.  I don't want to repeat it EVER!  Here's a big fat DRINK to the new year ahead!

One more thing, I forgot to mention, there are a LOT of great things that also happened this year, finding out who your true friends are is one of them.  I have THE most AMAZING group of people surrounding have no idea.  Thank God for all the amazing people in this world who really do give a crap about other people.

Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas shopping

So I went out shopping this morning, see what was on sale, what was left, maybe get a bargain.  It was 8:00am(remember the broken internal clock thinks I'm a damn rooster).  Hubby was sure it would be packed and crazy.  Started w/ Meijer, not packed, not crazy, no really good deals, picked up a few grocery items and headed to Target.  Target had lots of great deals, unfortunately the Christmas CD that I really wanted was NOT on sale.  DUDE! I'm NOT paying full price for a CHRISTMAS CD after Christmas so don't even try that.  I shall wait it out and see what happens, I don't get it no big.  Grabbed a few half off Christmas items and went to Party City...their selection was Blah...but 75% off... bought nothing.  Decided to go the world's nastiest Kmart just to see what they had on sale.  They had lots of Christmas stuff to choose from, why? Because half of it wasn't even on sale.  What? you say?  I shit you not I was looking at a few things, didn't see any signs, took them to the scanner and they popped up full price.  SO not happening, maybe their waiting for snow?  Anyway, I'll check back w/ Target later this week and see about that CD I want, hopefully I'll get lucky.

The American Girl way

The American Girl way

A great article about American Girl in the Chicago Tribune! A video with a tour of the distribution center and the doll hospital, fun to watch. I love the article with it's edge of skepticism and jocularity a fun read.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Garage Crew

We have a group of the most extraordinary friends, what is extraordinary about these friends you may ask?  Read on.

My husband was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in September this after not feeling well most of the summer but not going to the doctor.  He has been diagnosed with Granular Cell Astrocytoma and has been given a few months to two years to live.  He is/was a 100% commission salesperson, so when not doing his job at 100% because of not feeling well, he was already not making much money, and summer is just plain bad to begin with every year.  I have a part time job, and together we have four kids.

After being diagnosed and having a brain biopsy he was put on disability and radiation treatments began.

We already knew that our friends were exceptional just because they are AWESOME.  However a get together was planned and we just thought it was a backyard BBQ get together type thing.  Our group of friends, about 6ish families affectionately known as "the Garage Crew", presented us with a $275 Meijer gift card.  We were shocked and awed of course, and I can't even tell you at the time how much it helped, it bought us groceries for a few weeks when things were getting REALLY tight.  Those same friends organized a pop can drive at all the local Jr. league football games, and just before Thanksgiving presented us with nearly $500 from that which again helped tremendously, food, gas, clothing, Christmas shopping, AMAZING.  They also did a bake sale and had a donation jar at a craft show in November, and just last weekend presented us with over $300 from that!  Did I mentioned that these folks are AMAZING!

When you think about the world today, when you hear about all the shootings, the vandalism, the crime in general, people stealing from others, people hurting others.  Think about this story and know there are still a LOT of good-no-AMAZING people out there too.  Our friends aren't independently wealthy, they are not made of money, this wasn't done without sacrifice on their part. Without this AMAZING group of friends my family would be in a world of hurt, there wouldn't be Christmas, there wouldn't be school clothes, there wouldn't be food, I don't know how I would have paid the rent, my job isn't enough.  My husband's disability is just about to kick in the DAY AFTER Christmas, we were left to drift on what commissions he had coming when he was taken off work.  He had 8 weeks of commission, it wasn't enough to pay everything that needs to be paid each month.  Thanks to all of our amazing friends we made it through the 8 weeks, our kids have Christmas, and enough clothes/shoes, we had enough to eat, we could pay the bills and know that we are loved.

I don't want to discount the others who've helped, so many people have done amazing things for us in this last 8 weeks, but our "Crew" is just so over the top amazing I have to point them out first.  "Thank you" just doesn't seem like enough to express all the gratitude and love we feel for them.  We are so blessed and lucky to have this AMAZING Garage Crew of friends.  Thank you.

Almost done shopping!

Woohoo!  Almost done and without killing anyone or getting arrested.  Christmas shopping is like guerrilla warefare I swear you have to put on your comfortable clothes and sharpen your elbows.  People get so pissy!  SO I try to get up and go to the stores as early as possible.  I get up at the crack of freakin' dawn every day anyway thanks to my faulty body clock that thinks I'm a damn rooster or something.   At Christmas time it's actually an advantage there's no one else at the stores except other rooster people like me, unless of course it's Black Friday and then..well..everyone is there.  Off to Target this morning to get a few things I've been waiting to pick up and to pick up a script, found just what I was looking for and managed to knock a few more people off my list.  Happy face today :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The presents are wrapped! (well...most of them)

When I was a kid I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE wrapping presents, it was my favorite part about Christmas.  When were old enough that we didn't believe in Santa anymore my Mom would let me help wrap my siblings presents and I was in heaven.  Wrapping so carefully, making sure the corners were neat and the bows and tags matched.  I loved it.

 Then I grew up and had kids.

You know w/ the first kid's first Christmas you want it to be amazing. When really the kid isn't even gonna know what to do w/ the present let alone that there's actually something inside that you think they need, cause let's face it at that age the only thing they need are fresh diapers and food.  So you go out of your way to make all (why does a baby need more than one present?) the gifts looks special, ribbons, bows, tags, fun wrapping paper til it looks like Martha Stewart puked Christmas all over your living room.  You finally drag your exhausted butt to bed around 1:00 am and the baby wakes you up again at 2:00 for the nightly feeding, or just because you were too damn loud and woke him/her up.  If you're lucky you make it back to sleep before said kid drags your butt out of bed again at 4:00 am for another feeding and clean diaper.  You figure "well hell, we're already up lets open presents!" because at this point you're more excited about it than the kid.    You help them unwrap the presents, the kid goes for the box the toy comes in and plays w/ it all day, could care less about the toy that every parenting magazine on the planet suggested for "stimulating entertainment" guaranteed to make your babies I.Q. go through the roof any second.

Second kid, you're still trying to be Martha Stewart, but you know it ain't gonna happen and go to bed at midnight after a wine cooler chaser to your milk and cookies. You're down to screw the ribbons, stick on some bows and tags(cause now you have TWO kids them tags are IMPORTANT!). Christmas morning, same thing, the box is better than the toy, only now the kids are fighting over the biggest box cause it's ones "fort" and the others "garage", heaven help us.

Third kid, you were exhausted when you woke up this morning so there's no point in staying up past 10:00, nobody really likes milk and cookies that late at night.  Take a bite of a cookie spit it in the trash dump some milk down the drain.  Throw some bows in the general direction of the presents, hopefully they'll look good..yea take that Martha Stewart...all that and I still look good and got to bed before you BIOTCH!

Fourth kid, there's no end to your state of exhaustion, you're not sure whether you're just getting up or just going to bed, fuck Martha Stewart and the horse she rode in on.  Cutesy wrapping paper...huh?  That's why God invented gift bags there's one of those suckers for every size present!  Hot wheels... no problem, Barbie problem, problem, Pony...hell yeah bring it.  Bows you say?  WTH? Why waste time w/ that the kids are just gonna tear through everything like a freakin' hurricane and it all goes in the trash anyway.  10 minutes tops...and guess what?  The freakin' box is still more fun than the presents:

SO I just got done wrapping presents again this year, no there are no bows, they don't look like anything Martha Stewart would even bother to glance at. There are still of course a few gifts on the way here from the Gods at Amazon who decided to ship 4 items in 3 boxes even though all items were in stock and shipped on the same day....what do I care it's their dime, I got FREE shipping baby!  They have Christmas paper or gift bags or a combination and of course there are those ALL IMPORTANT gift tags...cause yeah when you have four kids the tag is the LAW.   I'm sure the kids will be scarred for life but so far I haven't heard any complaints...they're still playin' in the box.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The black Friday edition

I love black Friday, to me it's like a personal challenge, love it. However I DO NOT like shopping on Thanksgiving night, whoever thought up that business should be beaten severely. We did go out because there were a few things I was interested in, I have four kids so I have to make the dollars stretch as far as possible.

We went to Walmart first and of course the store was already open but no one could check out until 10 pm. We walked in the door and it was a MADHOUSE! I'm NOT just kidding you there were SO many people in there it was a fire hazard, I don't know how they didn't get shut down that night. They had a sewing machine case on sale that I wanted so we (my husband and I) braved our way in and I got to the craft section, asked a worker where they would be. She said they were already gone, they only had 6 of them. Great. Well that was all that I was really hoping for, everything else I could get somewhere else so we tried to make our way out of there. We skirted the outer wall of the store and got back to the only door they were letting people use. Now I don't mind crowds at all, but seriously if something had gone wrong and all those people would have tried to get out that door at once, people would have died. So I'll admit this particular crowd was making me nervous. We made it out and I've never been so happy to leave a store. I will NEVER go there again on Thanksgiving night.

On to Target who opened at 12:00am. We got there early because we left Walmart so fast, there was a line but it wasn't bad, however I was NOT about to wait outside in line. I don't do well w/ cold, I have a medical condition that prevents me from just standing around in it. At our Target store there's a Steak N Shake in the same parking lot so we went there and got coffee and waited for the store to open. I don't want/need a big cheap TV (which there were plenty of still when we got inside, hence no need to wait in line) and I found everything I went there for. There was plenty of everything they had on sale, I should have just waited til morning and next year I will.

Went home, went to bed, planning to shop the next day. (1:30am)

6:01 got up, pulled on clothes, brushed my hair, grabbed a granola bar and headed out to pick up my Mom. Obviously most of the stores had already opened, so again, no standing in line. Went to Menards first, the parking lot was SO full we didn't even bother going in. Went to Michaels, it was pleasingly easy to shop, not very many people there and I got a BUNCH of ribbon for 70% off. Went to Meijer, went to JoAnn's, went to Kohl's(got Kohl's cash Yeah!), ended up back at everything I wanted. Woohoo!

Came home and did some online shopping after seeing that ebates.comhad double cashback (so 10%!!) at Commercial break here, If you're going to shop online I would HIGHLY encourage you to join ebates(link above) it's free and you get cash back on almost every store you'd shop at, I've gotten cash back several times now and it's awesome, deposits in whichever account you set up, no hassle, just a little surprise.  Now I can patiently wait for Cyber Monday to get some other deals....ahhh.

I'd LOVE to hear what everyone else that went to Walmart has to say.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Amazing Grace.

My youngest son plays Jr Rams Football for Holt.  His last game was Saturday (Oct 21).  His team played against the St. Johns Jr. Redwings.  Friends of ours and the Jr. Rams have organized a pop can drive for us and have had a trailer at every Jr. Rams game so that people drop off pop cans.  On the side of the trailer there's a sign that talks about why they are doing it.  Something like: "Pop can drive for Coach Brinkerhuff, he's been diagnosed w/ an inoperable brain cancer, please help even 1 pop can".  I think it might say more than that, but I didn't get a good look at it.  It sits by the entrance to the playing field so all can see it on they're way to the  stands.   Apparently the St. Johns team saw it, and unbeknownst to us took a collection up from all the fans/parents on their side of the field that day.  Towards the end of the fourth quarter the announcer said, "Folks, please stay seated after the game for a special presentation".  We had no idea what was going on, so we did. After the teams all slapped high fives, they gathered in the middle of the field and took a knee all facing each other and the St. Johns team presented my husband w/ $270 they had collected from their fans.  How amazing is that?  Thank you, you have no idea how much it helps.

Then after the game our team had a little presentation all their own, they had collected money, I'm not sure if it was just from our team families or all the Jr. Rams teams, they presented my husband w/ a beautiful framed pic of the team w/ all the kids signatures, various gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores.  Hugs and encouragement.  What a great family, Thank you Jr. Rams football.

Thank you also to our great friends who, at a BBQ a few weeks ago presented us w/ a generous $275 Meijer gift card from our little group the Garage Crew.

Money has been really tight, all these things are a huge blessing, thank you so much, we are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My husband is a flaming idiot

This is what the weather was also like, last night from 6:00 to 8:00, the time when my son and his football team were practicing.  Except it was raining harder than it is now.  Who is the coach you ask?  Oh yeah, that would be my husband.  Idiot!  My son came home freezing of course, so I immediately put him in the bath, he said 5 boys including him were crying because they were so cold.  He said his hands were stinging every time he put them in the water, that spells frostbite, I wonder how many of those boys were in the beginning of hypothermia, probably all of them.   I feel bad because I let my son go.  I should have made him stay home, but my stupid husband has some wild hair up his ass about the kids practicing no matter what the weather.  Yeah ok, I get it for High School or college, but not for 4th and 5th graders.  I'll be surprised if any of these kids want to play football next year, they sure as hell won't want to be on my husband's team.  I'm going to complain to the league, since my idiot husband won't listen to reason.  He shouldn't be out there either, he has brain cancer for Christ's sake!  Men are so damn dumb, my son won't be practicing tonight come hell or high water.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it that most of us hardworking Americans are left in the dust?   Why can we not catch a break?  Just when we think we got a leg up, something happens and knocks us back down.  I was chatting w/ a friends this morning after dropping off all my kids to school.  She was telling me how she had to replace a window in her house this weekend because the glass just basically fell out of it, of course she had to go spend money she didn't have.
 I've taken the Dave Ramsey class I know what we SHOULD do, but how can we do that when the money we make while BOTH of us are working is not enough, we can't even keep up "the four walls". How the hell can we save up an emergency fund?  There are no breaks.  There's no breaks for the 'average' blue collar American.  We make too much money to get help(yeah right) but we don't make enough to make ends meet.  Then something comes along, a car breaks down, a household appliance breaks, or in our case someone is diagnosed w/ cancer and it's catastrophic.  We don't own credit cards, we haven't for over 7 years, we don't have credit card debt, we have medical debt.  Guess what else? We actually HAVE medical insurance it just sucks, it's the WORST coverage I've EVER had, if there was any other option I'd be LONG gone, but there's not.

  So here we sit, in a rental house that's too small for our family size, w/ two junk cars(one of which is currently not running at all) that constantly have issues BUT their paid for, and no end in sight.  It's not a sob story, it's my life, and a life that's shared by MILLIONS of Americans while the rich get richer, we get poorer.  Prices of everything are going up, food, gas, utilities, but guess what, incomes are going DOWN.  Then I have to hear on the news in the morning how  big gas companies are raking in billions of dollars in profits, or go to the store and watch as someone steps out of a nice new vehicle w/ designer clothes on herself and all of her children and then pays for her groceries w/ a Bridge card(welfare).  What the hell?  How does she qualify?  She lied.  She lied and continues to lie, so because I have higher morals than that, my kids and I suffer.  I don't plan on living like this forever, I'll find a way, THIS is ridiculous!

Is this what "the Great Depression" was like?  It was worse I know it was, I remember history class, reading about it, watching movies.  Is this the equivalent for our time?  I don't know, and all my grandparents are dead so there's no one for me to ask.  I just know that if you believe it's only a recession, they will try and sell you swamp land in Arizona next.  The lies continue...

Monday, September 26, 2011

It is a tumor

My husband has been having headaches, dizziness and blurred vision for a while(approximately 2 months), I told him he should get it checked out. He finally did. Today the Dr. scheduled him for an MRI, when it was over he was told to go directly to the ER because they found a mass in his brain.

So he went to the hospital, and sat in the ER for hours(of course), the drew blood, and then just checked on him now and then. I stayed at work because;
A) we need the money
B) he's just sitting there being bored
C) we need the get the picture.

So I finally got home at 6 after picking up the kids and dinner and called the hospital, took me a while to actually get to his room and get to talk to him, I think I called back like 4 times. He said they had JUST come in about 20 minutes prior to tell him that, yes, he has a mass in his brain, in the front part (frontal lobe? I'm guessing but he didn't relay it as such). They said it is butterfly shaped and they are going to do more test to determine what to do. The Neurologist said that there is a possibility that they may even be able to treat it w/ meds, they are just not sure yet. This is all I know. As of my leaving tonight at 10:00 he had not had any other tests yet, but is scheduled for a CT scan in the morning. 

Update, next day:

He's home, for today. Dr. came in and told us what the next steps are. Tuesday he will go in for a biopsy so they know how to treat from there, it will be an overnight stay at the least, barring complications. From there they will determine which way to treat it. Surgery to remove is not an option due to location, they just can't do it. He said, not now, not ever, it's just not in an area that it's removable. So it sounds like right now, no matter what type of tumor it is they will be treating it w/ chemotherapy cancerous or not. They sent him home because at this point all they can do is wait til Tuesday to do the biopsy they don't do it on the weekends unless they absolutely have to. There's nothing they can do for it right now, so as long as he takes it easy he might as well be here. The only risk currently is seizure(sp?) and while it is a risk, they didn't seemed to concerned that it would actually happen. This is what we know for now.

Update for today:

They can't get him in for the procedure til Wednesday, so he has to be at the hospital at 6:15 am on Wed. morning.  I will run back home and take the kids to school and then return to the hospital.  Then hopefully we'll find out the next step.

Such is life...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here in lovely Michigan we got two really cold nights as of late.  Fortunately they killed most of the mosquito population!  The kids have been asking for a fire, but before the cold nights, we would have been drained of blood!

-As a side note, where do the mosquitoes go in the winter? How do they come back next spring?  Do the eggs just go dormant and then when the weather warms up again they come back?

Anyway, this then makes it a wonderful time to have a little 'campfire'(though we're not camping) in the back yard.  This weekend we were lucky enough to fit in two.  One w/ the Crew on Friday night, and one at home last night.  Friday night we got to together w/ friends(the Crew) and spent the evening around their fire, it was mostly the adults as they kids all went off playing, which is nice.  Yesterday my Mom took the two youngest kids for a while, and my middle son was over at a friends house.  I decided to mow the front yard, and the weather was SO nice that I mowed the back too (usually one of the older boy's job).  It was nice and cool, not really warm enough to work up a sweat, sunny and just ahhh...lovely.  The smell of fresh cut grass and mower exhaust, just reminded me of fall.  Then I decided to put the pool away, it's just a quick set pool, I had drained it last weekend and we left it upside down over the play structure to dry out.  That thing is HEAVY even empty.  My oldest son saw me struggling w/ it out the window and came out to help me, God bless him.  We got it flipped back over and folded up, wrapped in a tarp and back in it's winter position.  Woohoo!

I'd picked up a bunch of sticks and some of them were more like LOGS that had fallen from the trees, and we did have a few good sized logs too, so I decided to have a fire.  Broke up some sticks, and some of the larger branches, and got her goin'.  Mom came back w/ the littles and also my brother's two boys.  So I told her why don't we just cook some hot dogs on the fire, and all hang around for a while.  We enjoyed some hot dogs, and marshmallows.  Unfortunately it was a little windy and the fire was a bit smokey, as the wood was not all the way dry, we had to keep moving since the wind kept changing direction, but we suffered through and the kids had fun, and that's all that matters.  Finally the wind died down and the fire was nice and hot, and we got to enjoy it for a little while.  What a nice weekend.  Today it's football game, and birthday party, groceries and getting ready for school tomorrow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

I was home, just dropped the kids off at school, was supposed to work at bit later in the day in Detroit.  Hugely pregnant as my 3rd son was due Oct 5th.  I sat down to take a break for a bit before heading to Detroit(a two hour drive), popped the TV to the today show.  Thinking it was great cause the kids weren't home so I could actually was the news w/o whining.  Sat back and relaxed, Katie and Matt were just talking about the first plane hitting the tower.  "This just in a passenger jet has struck one of the twin towers, we're not sure how this happened stay tuned for further up dates.." 

as they were saying that of course the camera was on the twin towers and the second plane hit the next tower...

THEN it started to get crazy...fighter jets wer scrambled into the sky, flights were being cancelled all over the US, all planes were grounded that weren't military.  They found out about flight 93, the pentagon was hit.

  People stuck in the towers and desperate to get out, started to jump, it was so sad, they were going to die anyway, so I guess they were taking a chance that they might live through the fall.  It was horrifying to watch, and so depressing, and then the towers collapsed.

  I was in shock, didn't know what to do, should I go get my kids from school?  Should I leave them there so as not to traumatize them?  Were they safe? Was anyone safe?  My boss called and told me not to go to work, stay home all IBM employees were being sent home or told not to come in.  It was VERY scary, I decided not to pick up the kids, at least they were at school, I felt they were safe and enjoying there day as if nothing was happening, they were little why scare them?  It was a horrible scary day in history for me, and of course like all of us I will never forget.

Thank God for the heroes, like these, for those who survived and those who didn't, we are forever thankful.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Oh. My. God.

I've watched this show, here and there caught a minute, never paid much attention.  Last night there was NOTHING on, in all our TV glory there was nothing I wanted to watch.  So I grabbed my book, and flipped it to Toddlers and Tiaras just to have something playing in the background, and for the added light.  The lighting in our bedroom is really sucky so anything to add to read by helps.  I'm reading, and sort of watching the show at the same time...pretty soon I as sucked in by the show and decided to put the book down.  I wasn't sucked in because it's a good show, I was sucked in because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Ya know like a train wreck, ya don't want to look, but you can't not look either.

I watched two episodes back to back, I can't really keep them straight as to which was which because I was also tired.  Here's some of the things that I find appalling.

  Madison was one of the little girls, I think she was 3.  She was a horrid, rotten little thing, attitude, kicking, hitting her mother.  She was not very pretty either, seeing her attitude just made her more distasteful.  Her mother just kept SWEARING up and down that Madison LOVES pageants and if she doesn't win she'll be crushed.  Yea right, Madison obviously didn't give two shits if she went to the pageant or not and has never had reinforced discipline in her life.  I think she won "Most Photogenic", listen Mom that's a nice way of saying she didn't qualify for anything else so stop wasting your money.

  Bristol was 18 months old, and her dress cost $4000.  HELLO!! My wedding dress didn't even cost that much.  Her mother went on to say, "I'd take a second mortgage on my house if that's what it takes to win"  If I was her husband I'd be kicking her ass to the curb.  Bristol was tired, didn't like the hair piece, cried her eyes out over that, just as she was about to go on stage, she hit her head on the door (totally Mom's fault) and was of course crying the whole time on stage.  Her second time on stage went better, her third time she was again bawling because of someone in a wolf costume.  Whatever.  She didn't place AT all, and her Mother was shocked by this and wondered why.  DUH!  She's 18 months old, she DOESN'T want to be there.  Her poor stepsister even felt bad for her.  Her husband even said he thought it was bullcrap and it wasn't worth it, time to give your wife an ultimatum mister dumbass.

Chloe, was another horrid bratty little girl, wouldn't let her mother touch her, had to have her dad do it all.  Didn't go to bed til 1am the night before the pageant, and got up at 6am?!  WTF?!  Who does that, I think she was only 3 or 4 anyway.  So she's falling asleep getting her hair done, and then falling asleep again while waiting to go on stage. Her mom calls her husband and says, "she's falling asleep can you go and get her some drinks?"  WHAT?!  Then her mom proceeds to tell us what's in those drinks, "her daddy makes her special drinks if she gets tired, it's sports drink, apple juice and a little cola.."  Uh huh...right, I don't believe you for a minute, sure he didn't put a little Red Bull in there too?  THEN, they give it to her IN A BOTTLE!  WTH?!  Talk about rot your teeth off, CRAZY!  She also placed in NOTHING and her mother even went up to the judges and asked them why, when they told her she was like shocked, DUH!!  This is called Mommy Blind, when you can't see the crap right in front of your face, but everyone else can.  Another mother INSISTING that her daughter LOVES pageants and can't live w/o a crown.

Victoria, was a much more reserved little girl who seemed to have better manners but I loved her brother's quote.  They asked her older brother what her personality was like, and he said, "Victoria's personality is like....Spoilt she's very spoiled"  Good for you kid, the only one seeing the light in your family.    Her mother was so odd, the woman had no upper lip.  Victoria was cute and I think she ended up placing in something but it wasn't what her mother thought it would be.  She really wasn't up to competing at this crazy level, and it was obvious why she didn't place better.  However she was SO right about the little Paisley girl dressed as a hooker for Pretty Women, that was SO distasteful I would never let my daughter dress like that either.

Maddy,  she is also extremely spoiled, but better behaved, AND she really does seem to like pageants.  Her mother just a little bit psycho though I think, who puts fake boobs and butt on a toddler?  Talk about all kinds of wrong...hmmm.   She did win big, she was cute, she did look like she was enjoying being there.

Queen, Now THIS is a beautiful well behaved girl, and guess what she just started, she didn't grow up w/ pageants, good for her Mom.  She was undoubtedly the best of the show last night.  Good for her, that girl is going places.  I liked her Mom too, much respect for her.  Her costumes were great she had a great personality and she place the highest.  Way to go, but I don't see why she's on that show she's not a toddler, if I was her I'd be embarrassed to be on a show called Toddlers and Tiaras.  

Overall the absolute craziness of the show as appalling I can't believe how these grown women act, w/ their girls, their other kids and w/ each other.  They obviously never grew up and it's all about who's the prettiest still.  The poor other siblings, little brothers, older brothers, sisters, they are just dragged around to these horrid competitions not as doted on as Mom's obvious favorite, those kids will need counseling when they grow up!   What an awful show and TLC should be ashamed of themselves for airing it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mama Bear.

Yesterday was the first day of school, it was so nice dropping the kids off, coming home to silence for a bit before heading to work.  Ahhhh...heaven.  The kids were excited they were so bored being home all summer so they were very thankful to get back to their friends.

Picked them up after school everyone had fun, and was liking the new school day.  I asked my youngest son, "how was lunch?" and he said it was not that fun cause some of the kids laughed at his new lunchbox.  I worried about it when he picked it out, cause it was kinda young for him, it looks like a by-plane and it IS cool, just not for his age group.  BUT, he loved it so I let him get it.  Of course I myself completely aware of the fact that some kids are just assholes and there's nothing you can do about it.  So hearing this broke my heart a little for the poor guy.  He's so sweet and has a heart of gold, and he really loved that lunch box and was so excited to take it to school only to be shit on by his friends.  On top of that he ripped his favorite jeans, so as he was telling me all this he was almost in tears.  That of course instantly put me on the offensive.   I'm not a huge fan of kids anyway, but when they mess w/ MY kids that makes it a WHOLE lot worse, I was instantly daydreaming of wading into the lunch room melee and eating little kids w/ my giant shark teeth as I made my way towards his table.  Then I pictured biting the little bastards heads off and pulling them apart limb by limb, and laughing at them the whole time, "Is it funny now?!".  GRRRRRRRR!

Of course I would never do that, but it sounds like fun.  Why do kids have to be such assholes?   How do they learn this stuff?  They don't start out that way, at least I don't think so.  Now that I think of it though, I know a few people that were probably born that way.

My youngest son

My youngest son has a GREAT imagination, he's also really good at entertaining himself.  He has some WWE figures and a wrestling ring or two that he really enjoys.  So this last weekend he was playing w/ his 'guys' and he had them all set up around a 'wall' that he'd built from cardboard.  He has a few folding chairs that have come w/ the various guys as props, I wish I'd taken a pic cause it was cute.  Looked like 5 guys sitting around drinking a brew and shootin' the breeze.  Anyway, my husband asked him what he was doing cause it was just sitting there watching them.  My son turned to him and gave him that look like , "Duh!" and he said, "I'm waiting for the meeting to get over.."  apparently there's some meeting between the guys before the show starts.  At this we both bust out laughing, just couldn't help it, he said it in all seriousness.  He laughed w/ us and went on playing.  I love that kid he's amazing.  He also likes to set up full monster truck courses and then have monster truck races w/ elimination and everything.  So cool.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do your kids get too much homework?

 I have four kids- a senior, a freshmen, a 5th grader, and a 3rd grader.  YES they get too much homework!  I hate it!  Sometimes I wonder wth they are learning at school because it feels like I'm doing all the teaching at home.   Sometimes I wonder if the teachers think about the parents when they give homework.  We work too, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is help kids w/ homework.  I had one teacher tell me, "it's quality time together.."  uh NO it's not.  Especially if the weather's nice or we have something else(sports, etc..) we have to do.  It's a fight to get them to do it, and then sometimes do it right.  SOMEtimes it's something they didn't even work on in class and they don't know how to do it, and I don't know how to do it(especially math, why do they make kids do things the LONG way when I can show them how to figure it out in seconds?), then it's one big frustration for all of us.   I'd rather go outside and play w/ my kids or play a family game or something for quality time NOT do homework.  Sometimes it takes HOURS especially for the older kids...why do they need to do hours of homework?  I ask them, did you work on this in class?  They tell me "no the teacher said it was homework, we worked on other stuff in class.."  One of my kids told me they got in trouble for working on their homework in class.  They got done w/ their class work, so got out their homework and started on it and then the teacher grabbed it, ripped it up and threw it away.  I was of course instantly livid and talked to the teach about it and got it sorted out, but WTH?
I have a group on facebook "Parents against homework" feel free to look it up and join.  

Michigan's Adventure

We went, we had fun, we got-well, got sunburned.  It was a good time, I only wish Cole and his friend Connor would have been in more of the pictures, but they had fun running around the park by themselves and checking out "hot chicks" LOL.  Here's some pics.

The only pic of Cole and Connor, on the way out.

Some pics from the top of the Ferris wheel at night:

My Favorite pic :D

He still really doesn't look like he's smiling, doesn't mather the pic.

uh yes, I was glowing..I put sunscreen on twice, and still got burned, no one else did.

Day time Ferris wheel pics.

Brooke is up there spraying water at the new "Beach Party" attraction

We survived, it was a BEAUTIFUL day not too hot, not too cold, the water was warm.  My husband wasn't on his usual breakneck agenda, gotta ride everything...timed itinerary list of crap.   That made it much more enjoyable for me.   The only snafu was when the little kids throw a fit about riding the Ferris Wheel, not because they wanted to ride it.  They freaked out because they DID NOT want to ride it.  They were whining and crying and freaking out, "can't we just go home, I'd rather go home than ride the Ferris wheel..."  Really?!  They've ridden it before and had no problems.  Oh. My. Gosh!  So we left them down there whining and crying and went on it w/o them.  Brats!  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I don't drink.


This is my Strawberry Daiquiri flavored friend.

This is my friend and her adorable sweater. 
I usually only drink one, and even that's pretty rare, I just don't want to waste money on alcohol.  You really only rent it anyway, pee it all out and ya got nothing.  I don't like to feel buzzed so I don't drink enough for that to happen, so what's the point in spending the $$ in the first place?   I don't know.  Occasionally I like a nice cold wine cooler(don't like beer), usually around a bonfire w/ friends, that's about it.  However I just loved this bottle koozie so at least it gives me a reason to use it sometimes. 

Food for thought...

Birds of a feather flock together . .
And then poop on your car.

A penny saved is a
Government oversight.

The older you get, the tougher
It is to lose weight, because by
Then your body and your fat have
Gotten to be really good friends.

The easiest way to find
Something lost around the
House is to buy a replacement ..

He who hesitates is probably right.

Did you ever notice: The Roman
Numerals for forty (40) are 'XL'.

The sole purpose of a child's
Middle name is so he can
Tell when he's really in trouble.

Did you ever notice: When you
Put the 2 words 'The' and 'IRS'
Together it spells 'Theirs....'

Aging: Eventually you will
Reach a point when you stop
Lying about your age and
Start bragging about it.

Some people try to turn back
Their odometers. Not me, I want
People to know 'why' I look this
Way. I've traveled a long way and
Some of the roads weren't paved.

When you are dissatisfied and
Would like to go back to your
Youth, think of Algebra.

You know you are getting
Old when everything either
Dries up or leaks.

One of the many things no
One tells you about aging
Is that it is such a nice change
From being young. Ah, being
Young is beautiful, but being
Old is comfortable.

Those that say, "money can't buy happiness"
make that many less people to compete against
me for the mega millions jackpot!

Lord, Keep your arm around
My shoulder and your hand
Over my mouth . . . AMEN

Friday, August 5, 2011

He's 17 already?

This is my first baby.

He turned 17 on July 20th, I love this pic :D  Yea, he's kind of a hippy w/ his long hair, but ya know what?  He's a great kid(they all are), really sweet, loves his Mom(of course that makes me grin),  loves to learn(though hates to do homework), smart as a whip, and I can't believe he's a Senior this year.  It doesn't seem like all that long ago he was just a little itty bit running around in his underwear(his favorite outfit), climbing walls(literally), making up songs w/ friends now he's almost an 'adult'.  I used to think my parents and grandparents were crazy when they told me "time flies..." or "before you know it..." now I know I was wrong of course because I can't help but think and say these things myself.  On the edge of proud tears...

Mmmm Summer!

One of my favorite things about summer:

There is nothing better than a hot steamy plate of beautiful, color of the sun, sweet corn smelling wonderful, and heading for the table.  Awaiting a nice smooth coat of real butter and a quick sprinkle of salt.  I LOVE sweet corn, when I was a kids my siblings(all four of them) and I would have sweet corn eating contests to see who could eat the most.  I remember my Dad buying it by the bushel, and my step-mom cooking up a ton of it for us to chow down on. Sweet butter and salt running down our chins and arms.  Eating it while it was too hot to hold onto for long, biting it w/ just the tippy tips of our teeth to keep from burning our mouths and lips.   I can't remember our record, but I'm sure we didn't eat much else of what was for dinner that night.  Sitting on the back porch w/ a butter soggy, paper plate, I can still see it.  Yes, that is the same old Corell pattern that  your Grandma probably has,  I keep them because of the nostalgia, AND the fact that if the kids break them by accident it's no big deal, I have tons of them.  On the edge of making sweet corn for your mouth watering yet?

Friday, July 29, 2011

More rain

Pool overflowing again, basement wet again...not much new.  The alternator went out on the van, I guess that's new.  Hopefully it will get fixed tomorrow, for today I'm dropped off at work and stranded here til hubby gets out.  Luckily he gets out of work the same time I do.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 inches of rain overnight!

HOLY tugboat Batman!  We got 5 inches of rain overnight last night.  After it had already rained all day.  When I got up this morning the pool (above ground, quick set) was OVERFLOWING.  So I ran down to check the basement because ours is notorious for getting wet in these instances.  Sure enough there was water in the laundry room UGH!  Well it is also trash day, which I did not take out the night before because it was POURING!  I had out to do that, and notice that the outdoor trash can has fallen over at some point in the night...NICE...grrr.   Thursday morning is off and running.  I run out to get the trash taken care weighs a TON (95 size gallon city trash cart) and I have to get it tipped back up so I can roll it out to the curb.  It was FULL because I "Mommy cleaned" the kids rooms and the basement this last week.  Got that managed and headed for the pool.  Funny, every time the storm woke me up last night and hearing the storm I would think to myself, "the damn pool is gonna be full of God forsaken pine needles that I'll have to skim before I can start the filter".  Well there wasn't any pine needles because evidently they floated out w/ the water overflow.  I go out and push down on one side so the water can flow out.  Boy did it ever, I can imagine it must have been 200 gallons I let out(it holds over 4000), getting soaked in the process.  Luckily it was a quite hot, muggy morning so I didn't mind.  Mind you, I was till in my pajamas this whole time.  Pool taken care of I head back in the house.  Pick up the few wet towels that were on the laundry room floor and toss them in the laundry, call landlord (Mom) and tell her to bring on the shop vac.   This was all before 8:30!  Who says ya gotta be in the Army to be busy in the morning.  This isn't too much out of my normal day.  Apparently we are under the chance of rain and storms for the next 24 hours as well...oh boy!  On the edge of building an Arc...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

They call that music?

At the risk of sounding like an old person...I love music, I listen to just about anything from classical to country, pop to metal, it's all in there.  I don't care for rap, though a few songs I enjoy.  Lately though I have to say the recent trend in music to get more and more explicit is irritating.  I like to listen to a particular local radio station, which is pretty much pop w/ a bit of this or that thrown in occasionally.   Lately more and more of the music is SO not appropriate for my kids to listen to that I have to change the station.  Now I realize we listened to what we THOUGHT was explicit back in the day...but I don't remember it being anything like it is now.  For instance Katy Perry's new song "Last Friday Night" Click for the lyrics in case you'd like to read them. Ummm...YIKES!  I think ok, if an adult wants to listen to that...well so be it, but an impressionable teen?!  Which is this station's target audience, so really?!  Why is it a hit?  Is it the beat? Is it the lyrics?  Why?  I didn't care for the song even before I stopped to listen to what it was just got worse after that.  This isn't the only song, lest ya think I'm picking on Katy Perry.  Though she does have a number of songs that I wouldn't deem appropriate for anyone under 13 and that's pushing it.  There are quite a few, and lets not even get into the other genres death metal, screamo, etc...So much junk there.  I know we have freedom of speech and need to maintain it, but for the love of God some of this stuff is just NOISE!  On the edge of nixing that station..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kids bored yet? Here's something cute.

Build your own cupake

Ran across this cute site this morning, and Brooke is bored so I printed it out.  She very much enjoyed it and loved putting them together.  It's a free download and if you print it on the "fast draft" setting on your printer it doesn't take too much ink. PRINT Super cute and something to do, that they can do w/o making a mess in the kitchen.  On the edge of paper cupcake bliss...LOOK no calories!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from Nationals

Well we survived.  It was a LONG weekend w/ much to do.
  We arrived at 6:00 on Friday in Cleveland only to find out that Brooke had forgotten her suitcase and had no clothes but what she was wearing.  Great.  The teams were supposed to practice at six, however the coach was also late getting there so practiced happened at about 7:30.  The crappy part was the parking lot had just been painted...or whatever it is they do to the parking lot to make it look black again.   SO all the girls shoes that the parents had so painstakingly (well OK this parent) washed for competition, got black marks all over them.  While they were practicing I went w/ the person I rode w/(Stacey) to go get Brooke some clothes to replace the ones she forgot  We got back and they were done practicing and decorating the door for the door decorating the time they finished that it was about 9:00 pm.    Stacey's Mom had come down to watch the competition, and then her brother had shown up also.   She asked me if I needed anything...and I being a bit confused as to why she was asking said "no" so they all walked out the door and left us (Brooke and I).  I had no transportation, we had not yet eaten dinner.   I had to go down to the front desk to get a menu for someplace that would deliver as the hotel didn't have a restaurant.  FINALLY at 10:00 pm I got our dinner ordered and it was gonna take 45 mins.  About 10:30 Stacey walks in from dinner, and Brooke mentioned that we were waiting for our dinner to get there.  She was all..."OH I'm sorry I left the keys here!,  in case you needed anything"....Yea well she didn't tell me that when she left.  I had no idea the keys were in the hotel room and I would never take someone's car w/o asking them!  I just let it go.  Our dinner finally came at 10:45 and we ate and got ready for bed.  She had to run down to the car to get something, and I was talking to the girls, I asked her daughter, "So are you excited about competition tomorrow?".  She said, "I hate poms and baton, I think I'll quit next year, I don't want to do it at all".  Really?!   I'd somewhat expected that her mom was making her do it, but never really thought I'd hear her say it.  Her mom came back up and we all went to bed.

We had to be there at 10:00am so we got up, showered everyone and got there on time.  Her Mom and brother showed up again and stayed all day.  Nothing wrong w/ that they just wanted to watch the competition, fine.  Long day the teams went first.  Brooke's baton team did OK, didn't think they would place that well, Brooke dropped a few tricks and the team got lost in a few places, at least that's what it looked like to me.   The Pom team went quite a while later, after lunch at least.  The Pom team ROCKED!  They looked great didn't forget a thing, I was hoping they'd get first.   Some of the individual events where after teams got over, so Brooke had to do Basic box, and Military box.  She did fairly well in them, I wasn't expecting a 1st but she was obviously better than quite a few of the girls.  Awards for that day were last, the baton team got 1st in their division I was pretty shocked!  Her Pom team also got first, that one I expected, we finally left about 5:00 and headed out to find a place to eat.  Her kid wanted McDonald's  I was like, no way in hell am I eating at McD's after a long day like that.  So I pretty much demanded Applebee's  or equivalent, figured she owed it to me after the night before.  We found one, then a bunch of our other teammates showed up so we all sat together.  It was fun.   Got back to the hotel, the girls swam for a while w/ all their teammates. At Nationals, all the solo girls exchange small good luck gifts so we all got together in the hotel lobby and exchanged gifts.  With 11 solo twirlers it was like Christmas!  The girls were eating it up.  Finally get up stairs and get to bed about 10:30, have to be at the gym by 8:00 next morning.
All the solo twirlers at Nationals

Got up at 6:00, loaded the car, woke up the girls, got them ready, went down ate breakfast.   Got them to the gym just in time, they were already playing the National Anthem and all lined up, so they had to hurry into place.  Solos went right after that which was a little surprising cause they are usually last.  She got to practice about 10 minutes and then she was in line waiting her turn.  She did pretty good, but had four drops, she didn't forget anything, didn't catch the one turn...I was kind of disappointed as I know she can do it.  But I didn't tell her that.  I watched her whole class of 9 girls, and I figured she might get 2nd or third as they all had quite a few drops.    Her solo was the only thing she had to do that day, so we basically sat around and waited ALL day for the rest of the stuff to get done.  She had entered "overall" so the awards are at the end.  I didn't really sit w/ Stacey much because I didn't want to listen to her kid whine and complain about everything under the sun.   I just sat w/ the rest of the team.  FINALLY it was time for awards at 5:00!  We got there at 8:30!   They started w/ Beginner so that was nice, Brooke got 4th in box, 4th in military and 5th in  solo.  That's where I was kind of shocked...I'm not a judge so I guess...what do I know...but she had the same amount of drops as some of the higher placing girls, and more difficulty. I was thinking she'd be 3rd at least.   Oh well...she was happy she then got 5th overall as well.  She got a big trophy, bigger than all her others, and she had a big smile, when it comes down to it that's all that matters.  We finally got to leave the school at 6:00pm and head home to MI, we made it home about 10:50 pm totally exhausted.  Her daughter bitched and complained for basically the whole ride til we hit I-96 and she fell asleep, I did so much biting my tongue that I think I need it reattached.  I will NEVER ride w/ her again to go that far, not sure I will ride w/ her period.  Yelling, crying, was just so much fun.  Yelling, "I DON'T EVEN WANT TO DO BATON AND POMS, I NEVER WANTED TO DO IT!!"  I really hope she does quit that would be a huge blessing!  I've never been so thankful to get out of a vehicle in my life.   On the edge of screaming at a kid...

 Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I have to wait for everyone else to post pics before I can add them.