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Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas shopping

So I went out shopping this morning, see what was on sale, what was left, maybe get a bargain.  It was 8:00am(remember the broken internal clock thinks I'm a damn rooster).  Hubby was sure it would be packed and crazy.  Started w/ Meijer, not packed, not crazy, no really good deals, picked up a few grocery items and headed to Target.  Target had lots of great deals, unfortunately the Christmas CD that I really wanted was NOT on sale.  DUDE! I'm NOT paying full price for a CHRISTMAS CD after Christmas so don't even try that.  I shall wait it out and see what happens, I don't get it no big.  Grabbed a few half off Christmas items and went to Party City...their selection was Blah...but 75% off... bought nothing.  Decided to go the world's nastiest Kmart just to see what they had on sale.  They had lots of Christmas stuff to choose from, why? Because half of it wasn't even on sale.  What? you say?  I shit you not I was looking at a few things, didn't see any signs, took them to the scanner and they popped up full price.  SO not happening, maybe their waiting for snow?  Anyway, I'll check back w/ Target later this week and see about that CD I want, hopefully I'll get lucky.

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