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Friday, June 17, 2016

Just stop the blaming.

So tired of hearing about people trying to place blame in the Florida gator attack. There were signs, they said no swimming. Florida is gator territory, it doesn't take a genius to understand why you shouldn't swim in the Lagoon. It's not Disney's fault. Yes it's a terrible tragedy, and it's super horrible but why do we have to find someone to blame. It was an accident, let it go. No I'm not blaming the parents either, and they don't deserve anyone's animosity, can you imagine losing your beautiful 2 year old in such a horrific way. Then you have assholes around the world bashing you and telling you what you did wrong and that it's all your fault? Can you imagine? You don't think they are constantly beating theirselves up on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis? Reliving the whole thing in slow motion over and over. It was less than a foot of water, I'm sure they thought he was completely safe. I can honestly say I would have thought it was safe as well. I'm from Michigan and I know nothing about alligators, I would not have thought one could get to the baby that fast in such a low bit of water. Just stop. Your blame is never going to make them feel worse than they already do. Just stop, laying blame helps no one.