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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monthly gift? Curse?

What do you call it?   I know that some gals call it the "montly gift, monthly curse, visit from Aunt Flo", it's all those things.   I hate it yes, BUT!  Every month it also makes me celebrate just a little bit.   See, NOW you think I'm know it.  You're thinking, "She can't possibly enjoy the cramps that make you want to scream, the bloating, the exhaustion, the impossible to stop leaks no matter how big the "wings" are or how fat the tampon, the craving to eat everything chocolate in the house(seriously nothing is safe).  No one celebrates the monthly curse!"  Well ok,  you're right...all those things are a real pain.   However, it also means (well for me anyway...I know stranger things have happened) that I'm NOT pregnant.  THAT is definitely cause to celebrate in my book.  I have four kids, that I love dearly, but I HATED being pregnant, it's complete and utter torture.  The aches, and pains, and having to pee every 5 mins, months of being pummeled by the resident alien that thinks it's funny.  Complete strangers coming up and patting your belly, EVERYONE asking you when your due, have you picked out a name? Is it a boy or a girl? UGH!!!
My husband is fixed and thank God for that, however we've all heard those stories..."it worked great for fourteen years and then viola I got pregnant"  YIKES!!! That's what scares me.  Stories like that!  So even tho I really do dislike it, it always makes me do a happy dance to have good hard evidence that there's no one else sharing my body.  
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is it really that hard? Is it?

Why is it that no one can seem to reach the recycle bin but me?  WHY?!  Especially because HALF of my family of six is taller than me, not that that matters.  So our city offers curb side recycling...nice feature, doesn't cost me anything extra, makes me feel good about doing SOMEthing for the planet....yea go for it.   The recycling bin sits outside the main entrance to our house, and about 10 feet from the kitchen sink. Now don't get me wrong, no one has a problem leaving the recyclables in the sink for me to rinse and put in the least they can handle that.  However!  I seem to be the only one that can fathom rinsing said articles and placing them in the bin.   I told(maybe hollered would be a better word) my husband about it, because he likes to eat tortilla chips and salsa for a snack, usually finishes off the salsa and then will NOT rinse it out but put the cap back on and leave it on the counter.  GRRRR!! That makes me mad!  So yea, I hollered about it.   OK so next time he had his late night snack I found the jar rinsed out and set on the counter w/ the lid on.   Well at least there's progress, but it's STILL 10 feet from the recycle bin.   I have 4 kids, two of them are teenage sons that are, like I said, both taller than me.  Again, not that this matters cause the bin sits on the ground.  Anyway, I hollered at them far nothing... I'll let ya know if it changes.  I guess I'll quit buying juice(their favorite thing to use the last of) until they can learn to take care of the empty bottles.  It's really NOT THAT HARD!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've seen it...I have PROOF!

I've seen PROOF that the dog waits for me to sit down and then goes to the door to be let out.

Nacho(the offender), Sadie, and that's my stepdad :D
Yesterday I walked out the kitchen, and my Min Pin, Nacho, was right behind me.   I walked to my chair as I watched her out of the corner of my eye.  She walked to a point where she could see me if I sat in my desk chair and she sat down.   As SOON as I sat down in my chair (her eyes where on me the whole time) she got up and went to the door and started grumbling to be let out!  WHY! does she do this, is it some  kind of fun little doggy joke, does she talk to her rivals through the fence? Do they hold a conversation about it...."Dude! guess how many times I made her get back up today and let me out RIGHT after she sat down!"  are they LOLing about it around the neighborhood?  I've often suspected that she did this, but I've never caught her blatantly watching me.     At least her sister, Sadie is too dumb to do this to me too, she's just a -wanna be outside all the time- dog.  Maybe it's just her way of telling me I'm fat?  Not that she couldn't stand to lose a few pounds herself.  Anyway....I was right, I finally got my answer, she really does wait for me to sit out before she asks to go out.  Rotten DOG!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Pool is Green.

The pool is green, the greenest green you've ever seen. The kids won't swim, I say "Jump In!" Why not swim, it's like a lake, it's just water for goodness sake.  What's a little algae between friends, it all washes out in the end. Chemicals in hand I try to fight it, frustrated I yell, "Die algae, BITE IT!" I smile a bit when it starts to die, you can see it float up with your naked eye. Alas I fear it has won, I'm out of chemicals so I'm done.   I'll live to fight another day, with shock in hand I'm on my way.  I'm not fat but I'm not lean, and I'm here to tell you the pool is green.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2.5 to 3.5 Million...REALLY!?

As I was driving my son to summer school this morning(yeah..really) I was listening to my favorite morning show. They were talking about Chelsea Clinton getting married possibly this weekend and it was expected to cost between 2.5 and 3.5 MILLION dollars. REALLY?! Why spend that much on a wedding...obviously it's simply because they can. My current husband and I got married 8 years ago, it only cost $4,000 and it was a truly beautiful wedding. My dress was beautiful and only cost $700, it was catered, a beautiful venue, we had a DJ, there was alcohol, and a harpist that played during the actual wedding part, we had a great photographer, and everyone had a great time.

So on my way to summer school, as I'm contemplating the whopping $4.92 in our checking account and that's what's left til Thurs., it bugs me just a tad. How many people in this country at this particular moment are going w/o while little Chelsea gets hitched. How many times do we hear this type of thing a day.

One of my two oldest sons' favorite things to do is watch videos on Youtube...they like to watch the ones of the guys who put the dumbest things in blenders to see if it will blend it w/o breaking the blender. An example of things they have blended: an iphone, an ipad, and various other expensive gadgets. No wonder this is such a disposable society, when kids grow up thinking this is cool. Why take care of anything to make it can just destroy it when you're done w/ it, or claim it on the insurance, or buy a new one. Waste, waste, just keeps on going.