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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monthly gift? Curse?

What do you call it?   I know that some gals call it the "montly gift, monthly curse, visit from Aunt Flo", it's all those things.   I hate it yes, BUT!  Every month it also makes me celebrate just a little bit.   See, NOW you think I'm know it.  You're thinking, "She can't possibly enjoy the cramps that make you want to scream, the bloating, the exhaustion, the impossible to stop leaks no matter how big the "wings" are or how fat the tampon, the craving to eat everything chocolate in the house(seriously nothing is safe).  No one celebrates the monthly curse!"  Well ok,  you're right...all those things are a real pain.   However, it also means (well for me anyway...I know stranger things have happened) that I'm NOT pregnant.  THAT is definitely cause to celebrate in my book.  I have four kids, that I love dearly, but I HATED being pregnant, it's complete and utter torture.  The aches, and pains, and having to pee every 5 mins, months of being pummeled by the resident alien that thinks it's funny.  Complete strangers coming up and patting your belly, EVERYONE asking you when your due, have you picked out a name? Is it a boy or a girl? UGH!!!
My husband is fixed and thank God for that, however we've all heard those stories..."it worked great for fourteen years and then viola I got pregnant"  YIKES!!! That's what scares me.  Stories like that!  So even tho I really do dislike it, it always makes me do a happy dance to have good hard evidence that there's no one else sharing my body.  
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