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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ahhh the smell of dog crap in the morning.

Well we have a wonderful dog that was rescued from the humane society.  She has NEVER had an accident in the house...well sort of.  She is very easily intimidated and will sometimes squat and pee a little if someone new reaches out to pet her.  But she has NEVER pooped in the house.   She is crate trained and will go in there, but doesn't like it and hates being left home alone.  We've been leaving her out when we're not home for some time now w/ no issues, she doesn't chew on things, she doesn't potty in the house, she just sleeps.

So today, I come home from cleaning the horse barn as I do everyday, and she met me at the door, I could smell dog poop but I thought at first she just farted, because yea...she's good at that.   So I proceed into my house and the smell doesn't go away.  It's worse near the I head down the steps.  Yep, she pooped AND peed on the basement floor!  Darn dog... I guess it's back to the crate every day.  I can tell you it is NOT a lovely smell or mess to come home too.  Of course I had to clean it up so I decided to clean the basement while I was at it.  Now all is clean and much better smelling....maybe she was just trying to tell me something. "clean the damn basement lady!"  Dogs!

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