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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just when you think they're not listening

Two posts in one day! 

So, every other Thursday my oldest two boys have dinner w/ their Dad and then come back home.  They both have/had Christmas money left so they took it with them.   They got home and my oldest(he's 16) bought an MP3 player, it was about $50, he said, "I used all the money I had left"...I pretty much just said, "cool" and didn't think much of it...then he said, "I gave $50 of my money to *his best friend* so he could buy something nice too".  I couldn't say anything intelligent I was just awestruck and probably said something stupid I don't remember...but AWWWWWWWWW....what a sweet kid.  His friend used to live across the street from us, and they lost their house to foreclosure, they've been living w/ friend/family since.   His friend is a good kid that I enjoy having over and I'm so proud that my son shared his money w/ his friend.  I read about other people's kids doing this all the time, but I only hoped that any of mine would be so generous.  They are turning out alright after all  :D  *happy Mom smile*

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