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Saturday, January 15, 2011

When your heart breaks for them

Well this week has been awful, w/ first our sewer backing up, then my husband hit a mailbox w/ my van, then the toilet broke, then my husband got a really crappy paycheck BUT the saving grace has been that he was hosting a poker party for his birthday on Friday night.  Cool, so he'll play poker and our friends who were playing the tournament would bring their kids and our kids would get to play w/ their friends and have fun too right?!

Friday came and we did all the things that folks do when they expect a large group to come over, clean the house, set up for the poker tourney and what have you.  The tournament was to be played in the garage, and the kids would play in the house.  Party time 7:00.  We have a group of friends we affectionately call, "the Crew" because we all take turns hanging out together at each others houses nearly every weekend and our kids are relatively the same age, go to the same schools and play well together.  Several of the crew members were playing in the tournament, so I figured(another word for ASSumed here) that they would bring their kids.  My kids, well the two littlest were very excited about the party, and hanging out w/ their friends.  I took my daughter w/ me on several errands and she had to tell every cashier we were having a poker party.  My son helped his Dad set everything up and was likewise excited.  7:00 rolls around and no kids have shown up, the crew is there and didn't bring their kids...but they may possibly be showing up at some time w/ their respective spouse.  Nope, that didn't happen either...SO my two littlest kids and I hung out in the house by ourselves watching Disney channel reruns all night.  VERY anti-climactic for them, they were bummed and I felt bad for them.  They were SO excited and then, nothin'.

Flash forward to today, we didn't have any real plans, so by mid morning they both asked if their friends from the crew could come over.  Yea, probably, why not... so I call the parents of said friends (two separate families) and the kids were not immediately available, but possibly later.  They were planning to ice skate and would call me when they got there.  GREAT! My kids love to ice skate! Yes definitely give me a call, they would love that, and they were so bummed last night to not get to hang out w/ their friends.   Then I had a friend w/ a hair emergency so I had to go help her.  By the time I got home at 6:30 I hadn't heard from anyone so I sent off a text to find out.  Only one of the three people I sent texts to replied that ..."they had already skated for a bit and were just getting home and were planning to stay home tonight."  Which my daughter read over my arm, and promptly started crying because she really wanted to skate, had even had her doll all dressed in ice skates too to go w/ her.  Poor thing...I swear I felt my heart crack right in half, she was so upset.  The skating was to take place at one of the crew's parents house so I didn't feel comfortable going w/o them there, so we wouldn't be going at all then.  We also couldn't afford to go to a skating rink instead...what a crappy week it's just never ending. 

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