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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shit or Shinola?

Well today I don't get to choose, it was shit.  The sewer backed up.  First let me say EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
OK now I feel a tad better.  LUCKILY we don't own our house(tho sometimes it sure doesn't feel like luck) so we just call the landlord (who happens to be my parents) and tell them and they handle it.  HOWEVER I still get stuck w/ the clean up.  We have a half finished basement w/ a bathroom and utility room and the other half is a crawl space.  Yeah so the sewer of course backs up into the shower down there, and all over the bathroom and laundry/utility room floor.  Did I mention this happened about 10 minutes before we have to leave for church?  No, I don't think I did.  Yes, 10 minutes before church the sewer backed up.  Well Mom is already at church, the water wasn't really continuing to overflow as long as no one used the toilet, sink, bathtub, or washing machine so we decided to leave and go to church anyway, deal w/ it when we got home.  Got home from church tried to call a plumber we've used before, no luck.  Called a few others who don't do Sundays (WTH? Why are you a plumber?) finally found one.  Vandermeer plumbing I think...anyway, nice guy, did a great job and the price was REALLY reasonable for a Sunday call.  Shower and bathroom floor are all fresh and clean scrubbed w/ bleach...still have to do the laundry room, but it wasn't dry enough yet...tomorrow.

MEANWHILE, my husband had also decided that today we were gonna put our bed frame back together.  See, we had gotten new carpet in virtually every room of our house in April, then my Mother decided we were also going to paint every room in the house, so we figured why bother putting the bed frame back together if we are just going to have to take it back out.  It's also an EXTREME pain in the ass to do.  So it's been living in the garage for a few(9) months.  It also needed some new holes drilled in it because the old ones were stripped.  Well ya know how they say that buying a house is one of the most stressful things for a marriage?  For us it's assembling/building ANYthing...we do NOT see eye to eye on anything constructive like that...if I would do it one way w/ less steps my husband would do it totally the OPPOSITE way and I swear just add more steps to piss me off.  SO while the plumber was here fixing our drains we were fighting over the wretched bed frame in the garage. 

THEN...I had the BRILLIANT idea of not taking it back apart once we fought it together so we could easily take it back in the house...NOOOOOOO that would be TOO easy, I said, "Hey why don't we just try to carry it in the house together so we don't have to fight it apart and back together again".   Guess what?! That bitch is HEAVY all put together, by the time we made it to the front door, of course arguing at least half the way.  I wasn't sure I could carry it at all anymore.  It was wicked hard to get it through the front door and then we had to maneuver it into our dinky bedroom. If I wasn't sore and tired before, I sure as shootin' was by this time.  We did manage to get it into the bedroom all together...but let me tell you, it was NOT pretty, tho I'm sure it was laughable.  It is all in now, and back together and ready to sleep in, of which I'm VERY thankful, because I was really tired of sleeping on the mattress and box springs on the floor, but I'll be sore tomorrow, my shoulder is killing me and I think I pulled a boob. 

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  1. *snicker* Ok, it's moments like these where I'm glad that I have the friends that I have so I know we're not the only ones that have shit luck. I hope you had a fabulous night's sleep and you might want to get that pulled boob checked out...just sayin