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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My husband broke my van

  Here it is, my poor van.  This is what it looks like after my dear husband hit a mailbox w/ it.  Let me tell you MY MAN knows how to do it right...he's not looking for your ordinary run of the mill mailbox.  We're not talkin' about those wimpy mamby-pamby mailbox's that most people have, sittin' there on their sissy-la-la poles...NOOOOO.  My MAN hit one that is all covered in may have heard the term "brick-shithouse"  well yea, that about sums it up.  This is what it looks like, this is not the actual mailbox obviously because it's winter here, not summer and there is NO green grass.

  Let me assure you that no mailboxes were harmed in the damaging of this van, the mailbox is no worse for the wear, the van on the other hand is going to cost at least $250 to fix, thank God it's still drivable.   He was worried I was gonna be mad...perturbed, maybe..but I'm not really mad, what can be done, what good is mad gonna do?
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  1. And this is why I do not like to let my husband drive my car....