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Monday, September 26, 2011

It is a tumor

My husband has been having headaches, dizziness and blurred vision for a while(approximately 2 months), I told him he should get it checked out. He finally did. Today the Dr. scheduled him for an MRI, when it was over he was told to go directly to the ER because they found a mass in his brain.

So he went to the hospital, and sat in the ER for hours(of course), the drew blood, and then just checked on him now and then. I stayed at work because;
A) we need the money
B) he's just sitting there being bored
C) we need the get the picture.

So I finally got home at 6 after picking up the kids and dinner and called the hospital, took me a while to actually get to his room and get to talk to him, I think I called back like 4 times. He said they had JUST come in about 20 minutes prior to tell him that, yes, he has a mass in his brain, in the front part (frontal lobe? I'm guessing but he didn't relay it as such). They said it is butterfly shaped and they are going to do more test to determine what to do. The Neurologist said that there is a possibility that they may even be able to treat it w/ meds, they are just not sure yet. This is all I know. As of my leaving tonight at 10:00 he had not had any other tests yet, but is scheduled for a CT scan in the morning. 

Update, next day:

He's home, for today. Dr. came in and told us what the next steps are. Tuesday he will go in for a biopsy so they know how to treat from there, it will be an overnight stay at the least, barring complications. From there they will determine which way to treat it. Surgery to remove is not an option due to location, they just can't do it. He said, not now, not ever, it's just not in an area that it's removable. So it sounds like right now, no matter what type of tumor it is they will be treating it w/ chemotherapy cancerous or not. They sent him home because at this point all they can do is wait til Tuesday to do the biopsy they don't do it on the weekends unless they absolutely have to. There's nothing they can do for it right now, so as long as he takes it easy he might as well be here. The only risk currently is seizure(sp?) and while it is a risk, they didn't seemed to concerned that it would actually happen. This is what we know for now.

Update for today:

They can't get him in for the procedure til Wednesday, so he has to be at the hospital at 6:15 am on Wed. morning.  I will run back home and take the kids to school and then return to the hospital.  Then hopefully we'll find out the next step.

Such is life...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here in lovely Michigan we got two really cold nights as of late.  Fortunately they killed most of the mosquito population!  The kids have been asking for a fire, but before the cold nights, we would have been drained of blood!

-As a side note, where do the mosquitoes go in the winter? How do they come back next spring?  Do the eggs just go dormant and then when the weather warms up again they come back?

Anyway, this then makes it a wonderful time to have a little 'campfire'(though we're not camping) in the back yard.  This weekend we were lucky enough to fit in two.  One w/ the Crew on Friday night, and one at home last night.  Friday night we got to together w/ friends(the Crew) and spent the evening around their fire, it was mostly the adults as they kids all went off playing, which is nice.  Yesterday my Mom took the two youngest kids for a while, and my middle son was over at a friends house.  I decided to mow the front yard, and the weather was SO nice that I mowed the back too (usually one of the older boy's job).  It was nice and cool, not really warm enough to work up a sweat, sunny and just ahhh...lovely.  The smell of fresh cut grass and mower exhaust, just reminded me of fall.  Then I decided to put the pool away, it's just a quick set pool, I had drained it last weekend and we left it upside down over the play structure to dry out.  That thing is HEAVY even empty.  My oldest son saw me struggling w/ it out the window and came out to help me, God bless him.  We got it flipped back over and folded up, wrapped in a tarp and back in it's winter position.  Woohoo!

I'd picked up a bunch of sticks and some of them were more like LOGS that had fallen from the trees, and we did have a few good sized logs too, so I decided to have a fire.  Broke up some sticks, and some of the larger branches, and got her goin'.  Mom came back w/ the littles and also my brother's two boys.  So I told her why don't we just cook some hot dogs on the fire, and all hang around for a while.  We enjoyed some hot dogs, and marshmallows.  Unfortunately it was a little windy and the fire was a bit smokey, as the wood was not all the way dry, we had to keep moving since the wind kept changing direction, but we suffered through and the kids had fun, and that's all that matters.  Finally the wind died down and the fire was nice and hot, and we got to enjoy it for a little while.  What a nice weekend.  Today it's football game, and birthday party, groceries and getting ready for school tomorrow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

I was home, just dropped the kids off at school, was supposed to work at bit later in the day in Detroit.  Hugely pregnant as my 3rd son was due Oct 5th.  I sat down to take a break for a bit before heading to Detroit(a two hour drive), popped the TV to the today show.  Thinking it was great cause the kids weren't home so I could actually was the news w/o whining.  Sat back and relaxed, Katie and Matt were just talking about the first plane hitting the tower.  "This just in a passenger jet has struck one of the twin towers, we're not sure how this happened stay tuned for further up dates.." 

as they were saying that of course the camera was on the twin towers and the second plane hit the next tower...

THEN it started to get crazy...fighter jets wer scrambled into the sky, flights were being cancelled all over the US, all planes were grounded that weren't military.  They found out about flight 93, the pentagon was hit.

  People stuck in the towers and desperate to get out, started to jump, it was so sad, they were going to die anyway, so I guess they were taking a chance that they might live through the fall.  It was horrifying to watch, and so depressing, and then the towers collapsed.

  I was in shock, didn't know what to do, should I go get my kids from school?  Should I leave them there so as not to traumatize them?  Were they safe? Was anyone safe?  My boss called and told me not to go to work, stay home all IBM employees were being sent home or told not to come in.  It was VERY scary, I decided not to pick up the kids, at least they were at school, I felt they were safe and enjoying there day as if nothing was happening, they were little why scare them?  It was a horrible scary day in history for me, and of course like all of us I will never forget.

Thank God for the heroes, like these, for those who survived and those who didn't, we are forever thankful.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Oh. My. God.

I've watched this show, here and there caught a minute, never paid much attention.  Last night there was NOTHING on, in all our TV glory there was nothing I wanted to watch.  So I grabbed my book, and flipped it to Toddlers and Tiaras just to have something playing in the background, and for the added light.  The lighting in our bedroom is really sucky so anything to add to read by helps.  I'm reading, and sort of watching the show at the same time...pretty soon I as sucked in by the show and decided to put the book down.  I wasn't sucked in because it's a good show, I was sucked in because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Ya know like a train wreck, ya don't want to look, but you can't not look either.

I watched two episodes back to back, I can't really keep them straight as to which was which because I was also tired.  Here's some of the things that I find appalling.

  Madison was one of the little girls, I think she was 3.  She was a horrid, rotten little thing, attitude, kicking, hitting her mother.  She was not very pretty either, seeing her attitude just made her more distasteful.  Her mother just kept SWEARING up and down that Madison LOVES pageants and if she doesn't win she'll be crushed.  Yea right, Madison obviously didn't give two shits if she went to the pageant or not and has never had reinforced discipline in her life.  I think she won "Most Photogenic", listen Mom that's a nice way of saying she didn't qualify for anything else so stop wasting your money.

  Bristol was 18 months old, and her dress cost $4000.  HELLO!! My wedding dress didn't even cost that much.  Her mother went on to say, "I'd take a second mortgage on my house if that's what it takes to win"  If I was her husband I'd be kicking her ass to the curb.  Bristol was tired, didn't like the hair piece, cried her eyes out over that, just as she was about to go on stage, she hit her head on the door (totally Mom's fault) and was of course crying the whole time on stage.  Her second time on stage went better, her third time she was again bawling because of someone in a wolf costume.  Whatever.  She didn't place AT all, and her Mother was shocked by this and wondered why.  DUH!  She's 18 months old, she DOESN'T want to be there.  Her poor stepsister even felt bad for her.  Her husband even said he thought it was bullcrap and it wasn't worth it, time to give your wife an ultimatum mister dumbass.

Chloe, was another horrid bratty little girl, wouldn't let her mother touch her, had to have her dad do it all.  Didn't go to bed til 1am the night before the pageant, and got up at 6am?!  WTF?!  Who does that, I think she was only 3 or 4 anyway.  So she's falling asleep getting her hair done, and then falling asleep again while waiting to go on stage. Her mom calls her husband and says, "she's falling asleep can you go and get her some drinks?"  WHAT?!  Then her mom proceeds to tell us what's in those drinks, "her daddy makes her special drinks if she gets tired, it's sports drink, apple juice and a little cola.."  Uh huh...right, I don't believe you for a minute, sure he didn't put a little Red Bull in there too?  THEN, they give it to her IN A BOTTLE!  WTH?!  Talk about rot your teeth off, CRAZY!  She also placed in NOTHING and her mother even went up to the judges and asked them why, when they told her she was like shocked, DUH!!  This is called Mommy Blind, when you can't see the crap right in front of your face, but everyone else can.  Another mother INSISTING that her daughter LOVES pageants and can't live w/o a crown.

Victoria, was a much more reserved little girl who seemed to have better manners but I loved her brother's quote.  They asked her older brother what her personality was like, and he said, "Victoria's personality is like....Spoilt she's very spoiled"  Good for you kid, the only one seeing the light in your family.    Her mother was so odd, the woman had no upper lip.  Victoria was cute and I think she ended up placing in something but it wasn't what her mother thought it would be.  She really wasn't up to competing at this crazy level, and it was obvious why she didn't place better.  However she was SO right about the little Paisley girl dressed as a hooker for Pretty Women, that was SO distasteful I would never let my daughter dress like that either.

Maddy,  she is also extremely spoiled, but better behaved, AND she really does seem to like pageants.  Her mother just a little bit psycho though I think, who puts fake boobs and butt on a toddler?  Talk about all kinds of wrong...hmmm.   She did win big, she was cute, she did look like she was enjoying being there.

Queen, Now THIS is a beautiful well behaved girl, and guess what she just started, she didn't grow up w/ pageants, good for her Mom.  She was undoubtedly the best of the show last night.  Good for her, that girl is going places.  I liked her Mom too, much respect for her.  Her costumes were great she had a great personality and she place the highest.  Way to go, but I don't see why she's on that show she's not a toddler, if I was her I'd be embarrassed to be on a show called Toddlers and Tiaras.  

Overall the absolute craziness of the show as appalling I can't believe how these grown women act, w/ their girls, their other kids and w/ each other.  They obviously never grew up and it's all about who's the prettiest still.  The poor other siblings, little brothers, older brothers, sisters, they are just dragged around to these horrid competitions not as doted on as Mom's obvious favorite, those kids will need counseling when they grow up!   What an awful show and TLC should be ashamed of themselves for airing it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mama Bear.

Yesterday was the first day of school, it was so nice dropping the kids off, coming home to silence for a bit before heading to work.  Ahhhh...heaven.  The kids were excited they were so bored being home all summer so they were very thankful to get back to their friends.

Picked them up after school everyone had fun, and was liking the new school day.  I asked my youngest son, "how was lunch?" and he said it was not that fun cause some of the kids laughed at his new lunchbox.  I worried about it when he picked it out, cause it was kinda young for him, it looks like a by-plane and it IS cool, just not for his age group.  BUT, he loved it so I let him get it.  Of course I myself completely aware of the fact that some kids are just assholes and there's nothing you can do about it.  So hearing this broke my heart a little for the poor guy.  He's so sweet and has a heart of gold, and he really loved that lunch box and was so excited to take it to school only to be shit on by his friends.  On top of that he ripped his favorite jeans, so as he was telling me all this he was almost in tears.  That of course instantly put me on the offensive.   I'm not a huge fan of kids anyway, but when they mess w/ MY kids that makes it a WHOLE lot worse, I was instantly daydreaming of wading into the lunch room melee and eating little kids w/ my giant shark teeth as I made my way towards his table.  Then I pictured biting the little bastards heads off and pulling them apart limb by limb, and laughing at them the whole time, "Is it funny now?!".  GRRRRRRRR!

Of course I would never do that, but it sounds like fun.  Why do kids have to be such assholes?   How do they learn this stuff?  They don't start out that way, at least I don't think so.  Now that I think of it though, I know a few people that were probably born that way.

My youngest son

My youngest son has a GREAT imagination, he's also really good at entertaining himself.  He has some WWE figures and a wrestling ring or two that he really enjoys.  So this last weekend he was playing w/ his 'guys' and he had them all set up around a 'wall' that he'd built from cardboard.  He has a few folding chairs that have come w/ the various guys as props, I wish I'd taken a pic cause it was cute.  Looked like 5 guys sitting around drinking a brew and shootin' the breeze.  Anyway, my husband asked him what he was doing cause it was just sitting there watching them.  My son turned to him and gave him that look like , "Duh!" and he said, "I'm waiting for the meeting to get over.."  apparently there's some meeting between the guys before the show starts.  At this we both bust out laughing, just couldn't help it, he said it in all seriousness.  He laughed w/ us and went on playing.  I love that kid he's amazing.  He also likes to set up full monster truck courses and then have monster truck races w/ elimination and everything.  So cool.