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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My youngest son

My youngest son has a GREAT imagination, he's also really good at entertaining himself.  He has some WWE figures and a wrestling ring or two that he really enjoys.  So this last weekend he was playing w/ his 'guys' and he had them all set up around a 'wall' that he'd built from cardboard.  He has a few folding chairs that have come w/ the various guys as props, I wish I'd taken a pic cause it was cute.  Looked like 5 guys sitting around drinking a brew and shootin' the breeze.  Anyway, my husband asked him what he was doing cause it was just sitting there watching them.  My son turned to him and gave him that look like , "Duh!" and he said, "I'm waiting for the meeting to get over.."  apparently there's some meeting between the guys before the show starts.  At this we both bust out laughing, just couldn't help it, he said it in all seriousness.  He laughed w/ us and went on playing.  I love that kid he's amazing.  He also likes to set up full monster truck courses and then have monster truck races w/ elimination and everything.  So cool.

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