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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mama Bear.

Yesterday was the first day of school, it was so nice dropping the kids off, coming home to silence for a bit before heading to work.  Ahhhh...heaven.  The kids were excited they were so bored being home all summer so they were very thankful to get back to their friends.

Picked them up after school everyone had fun, and was liking the new school day.  I asked my youngest son, "how was lunch?" and he said it was not that fun cause some of the kids laughed at his new lunchbox.  I worried about it when he picked it out, cause it was kinda young for him, it looks like a by-plane and it IS cool, just not for his age group.  BUT, he loved it so I let him get it.  Of course I myself completely aware of the fact that some kids are just assholes and there's nothing you can do about it.  So hearing this broke my heart a little for the poor guy.  He's so sweet and has a heart of gold, and he really loved that lunch box and was so excited to take it to school only to be shit on by his friends.  On top of that he ripped his favorite jeans, so as he was telling me all this he was almost in tears.  That of course instantly put me on the offensive.   I'm not a huge fan of kids anyway, but when they mess w/ MY kids that makes it a WHOLE lot worse, I was instantly daydreaming of wading into the lunch room melee and eating little kids w/ my giant shark teeth as I made my way towards his table.  Then I pictured biting the little bastards heads off and pulling them apart limb by limb, and laughing at them the whole time, "Is it funny now?!".  GRRRRRRRR!

Of course I would never do that, but it sounds like fun.  Why do kids have to be such assholes?   How do they learn this stuff?  They don't start out that way, at least I don't think so.  Now that I think of it though, I know a few people that were probably born that way.

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