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Monday, September 26, 2011

It is a tumor

My husband has been having headaches, dizziness and blurred vision for a while(approximately 2 months), I told him he should get it checked out. He finally did. Today the Dr. scheduled him for an MRI, when it was over he was told to go directly to the ER because they found a mass in his brain.

So he went to the hospital, and sat in the ER for hours(of course), the drew blood, and then just checked on him now and then. I stayed at work because;
A) we need the money
B) he's just sitting there being bored
C) we need the get the picture.

So I finally got home at 6 after picking up the kids and dinner and called the hospital, took me a while to actually get to his room and get to talk to him, I think I called back like 4 times. He said they had JUST come in about 20 minutes prior to tell him that, yes, he has a mass in his brain, in the front part (frontal lobe? I'm guessing but he didn't relay it as such). They said it is butterfly shaped and they are going to do more test to determine what to do. The Neurologist said that there is a possibility that they may even be able to treat it w/ meds, they are just not sure yet. This is all I know. As of my leaving tonight at 10:00 he had not had any other tests yet, but is scheduled for a CT scan in the morning. 

Update, next day:

He's home, for today. Dr. came in and told us what the next steps are. Tuesday he will go in for a biopsy so they know how to treat from there, it will be an overnight stay at the least, barring complications. From there they will determine which way to treat it. Surgery to remove is not an option due to location, they just can't do it. He said, not now, not ever, it's just not in an area that it's removable. So it sounds like right now, no matter what type of tumor it is they will be treating it w/ chemotherapy cancerous or not. They sent him home because at this point all they can do is wait til Tuesday to do the biopsy they don't do it on the weekends unless they absolutely have to. There's nothing they can do for it right now, so as long as he takes it easy he might as well be here. The only risk currently is seizure(sp?) and while it is a risk, they didn't seemed to concerned that it would actually happen. This is what we know for now.

Update for today:

They can't get him in for the procedure til Wednesday, so he has to be at the hospital at 6:15 am on Wed. morning.  I will run back home and take the kids to school and then return to the hospital.  Then hopefully we'll find out the next step.

Such is life...

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