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Monday, October 17, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it that most of us hardworking Americans are left in the dust?   Why can we not catch a break?  Just when we think we got a leg up, something happens and knocks us back down.  I was chatting w/ a friends this morning after dropping off all my kids to school.  She was telling me how she had to replace a window in her house this weekend because the glass just basically fell out of it, of course she had to go spend money she didn't have.
 I've taken the Dave Ramsey class I know what we SHOULD do, but how can we do that when the money we make while BOTH of us are working is not enough, we can't even keep up "the four walls". How the hell can we save up an emergency fund?  There are no breaks.  There's no breaks for the 'average' blue collar American.  We make too much money to get help(yeah right) but we don't make enough to make ends meet.  Then something comes along, a car breaks down, a household appliance breaks, or in our case someone is diagnosed w/ cancer and it's catastrophic.  We don't own credit cards, we haven't for over 7 years, we don't have credit card debt, we have medical debt.  Guess what else? We actually HAVE medical insurance it just sucks, it's the WORST coverage I've EVER had, if there was any other option I'd be LONG gone, but there's not.

  So here we sit, in a rental house that's too small for our family size, w/ two junk cars(one of which is currently not running at all) that constantly have issues BUT their paid for, and no end in sight.  It's not a sob story, it's my life, and a life that's shared by MILLIONS of Americans while the rich get richer, we get poorer.  Prices of everything are going up, food, gas, utilities, but guess what, incomes are going DOWN.  Then I have to hear on the news in the morning how  big gas companies are raking in billions of dollars in profits, or go to the store and watch as someone steps out of a nice new vehicle w/ designer clothes on herself and all of her children and then pays for her groceries w/ a Bridge card(welfare).  What the hell?  How does she qualify?  She lied.  She lied and continues to lie, so because I have higher morals than that, my kids and I suffer.  I don't plan on living like this forever, I'll find a way, THIS is ridiculous!

Is this what "the Great Depression" was like?  It was worse I know it was, I remember history class, reading about it, watching movies.  Is this the equivalent for our time?  I don't know, and all my grandparents are dead so there's no one for me to ask.  I just know that if you believe it's only a recession, they will try and sell you swamp land in Arizona next.  The lies continue...

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