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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

I was home, just dropped the kids off at school, was supposed to work at bit later in the day in Detroit.  Hugely pregnant as my 3rd son was due Oct 5th.  I sat down to take a break for a bit before heading to Detroit(a two hour drive), popped the TV to the today show.  Thinking it was great cause the kids weren't home so I could actually was the news w/o whining.  Sat back and relaxed, Katie and Matt were just talking about the first plane hitting the tower.  "This just in a passenger jet has struck one of the twin towers, we're not sure how this happened stay tuned for further up dates.." 

as they were saying that of course the camera was on the twin towers and the second plane hit the next tower...

THEN it started to get crazy...fighter jets wer scrambled into the sky, flights were being cancelled all over the US, all planes were grounded that weren't military.  They found out about flight 93, the pentagon was hit.

  People stuck in the towers and desperate to get out, started to jump, it was so sad, they were going to die anyway, so I guess they were taking a chance that they might live through the fall.  It was horrifying to watch, and so depressing, and then the towers collapsed.

  I was in shock, didn't know what to do, should I go get my kids from school?  Should I leave them there so as not to traumatize them?  Were they safe? Was anyone safe?  My boss called and told me not to go to work, stay home all IBM employees were being sent home or told not to come in.  It was VERY scary, I decided not to pick up the kids, at least they were at school, I felt they were safe and enjoying there day as if nothing was happening, they were little why scare them?  It was a horrible scary day in history for me, and of course like all of us I will never forget.

Thank God for the heroes, like these, for those who survived and those who didn't, we are forever thankful.

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