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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've seen it...I have PROOF!

I've seen PROOF that the dog waits for me to sit down and then goes to the door to be let out.

Nacho(the offender), Sadie, and that's my stepdad :D
Yesterday I walked out the kitchen, and my Min Pin, Nacho, was right behind me.   I walked to my chair as I watched her out of the corner of my eye.  She walked to a point where she could see me if I sat in my desk chair and she sat down.   As SOON as I sat down in my chair (her eyes where on me the whole time) she got up and went to the door and started grumbling to be let out!  WHY! does she do this, is it some  kind of fun little doggy joke, does she talk to her rivals through the fence? Do they hold a conversation about it...."Dude! guess how many times I made her get back up today and let me out RIGHT after she sat down!"  are they LOLing about it around the neighborhood?  I've often suspected that she did this, but I've never caught her blatantly watching me.     At least her sister, Sadie is too dumb to do this to me too, she's just a -wanna be outside all the time- dog.  Maybe it's just her way of telling me I'm fat?  Not that she couldn't stand to lose a few pounds herself.  Anyway....I was right, I finally got my answer, she really does wait for me to sit out before she asks to go out.  Rotten DOG!

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