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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Almost done shopping!

Woohoo!  Almost done and without killing anyone or getting arrested.  Christmas shopping is like guerrilla warefare I swear you have to put on your comfortable clothes and sharpen your elbows.  People get so pissy!  SO I try to get up and go to the stores as early as possible.  I get up at the crack of freakin' dawn every day anyway thanks to my faulty body clock that thinks I'm a damn rooster or something.   At Christmas time it's actually an advantage there's no one else at the stores except other rooster people like me, unless of course it's Black Friday and then..well..everyone is there.  Off to Target this morning to get a few things I've been waiting to pick up and to pick up a script, found just what I was looking for and managed to knock a few more people off my list.  Happy face today :D

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