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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michigan's Adventure

We went, we had fun, we got-well, got sunburned.  It was a good time, I only wish Cole and his friend Connor would have been in more of the pictures, but they had fun running around the park by themselves and checking out "hot chicks" LOL.  Here's some pics.

The only pic of Cole and Connor, on the way out.

Some pics from the top of the Ferris wheel at night:

My Favorite pic :D

He still really doesn't look like he's smiling, doesn't mather the pic.

uh yes, I was glowing..I put sunscreen on twice, and still got burned, no one else did.

Day time Ferris wheel pics.

Brooke is up there spraying water at the new "Beach Party" attraction

We survived, it was a BEAUTIFUL day not too hot, not too cold, the water was warm.  My husband wasn't on his usual breakneck agenda, gotta ride everything...timed itinerary list of crap.   That made it much more enjoyable for me.   The only snafu was when the little kids throw a fit about riding the Ferris Wheel, not because they wanted to ride it.  They freaked out because they DID NOT want to ride it.  They were whining and crying and freaking out, "can't we just go home, I'd rather go home than ride the Ferris wheel..."  Really?!  They've ridden it before and had no problems.  Oh. My. Gosh!  So we left them down there whining and crying and went on it w/o them.  Brats!  

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