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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mmmm Summer!

One of my favorite things about summer:

There is nothing better than a hot steamy plate of beautiful, color of the sun, sweet corn smelling wonderful, and heading for the table.  Awaiting a nice smooth coat of real butter and a quick sprinkle of salt.  I LOVE sweet corn, when I was a kids my siblings(all four of them) and I would have sweet corn eating contests to see who could eat the most.  I remember my Dad buying it by the bushel, and my step-mom cooking up a ton of it for us to chow down on. Sweet butter and salt running down our chins and arms.  Eating it while it was too hot to hold onto for long, biting it w/ just the tippy tips of our teeth to keep from burning our mouths and lips.   I can't remember our record, but I'm sure we didn't eat much else of what was for dinner that night.  Sitting on the back porch w/ a butter soggy, paper plate, I can still see it.  Yes, that is the same old Corell pattern that  your Grandma probably has,  I keep them because of the nostalgia, AND the fact that if the kids break them by accident it's no big deal, I have tons of them.  On the edge of making sweet corn for your mouth watering yet?

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