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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from Nationals

Well we survived.  It was a LONG weekend w/ much to do.
  We arrived at 6:00 on Friday in Cleveland only to find out that Brooke had forgotten her suitcase and had no clothes but what she was wearing.  Great.  The teams were supposed to practice at six, however the coach was also late getting there so practiced happened at about 7:30.  The crappy part was the parking lot had just been painted...or whatever it is they do to the parking lot to make it look black again.   SO all the girls shoes that the parents had so painstakingly (well OK this parent) washed for competition, got black marks all over them.  While they were practicing I went w/ the person I rode w/(Stacey) to go get Brooke some clothes to replace the ones she forgot  We got back and they were done practicing and decorating the door for the door decorating the time they finished that it was about 9:00 pm.    Stacey's Mom had come down to watch the competition, and then her brother had shown up also.   She asked me if I needed anything...and I being a bit confused as to why she was asking said "no" so they all walked out the door and left us (Brooke and I).  I had no transportation, we had not yet eaten dinner.   I had to go down to the front desk to get a menu for someplace that would deliver as the hotel didn't have a restaurant.  FINALLY at 10:00 pm I got our dinner ordered and it was gonna take 45 mins.  About 10:30 Stacey walks in from dinner, and Brooke mentioned that we were waiting for our dinner to get there.  She was all..."OH I'm sorry I left the keys here!,  in case you needed anything"....Yea well she didn't tell me that when she left.  I had no idea the keys were in the hotel room and I would never take someone's car w/o asking them!  I just let it go.  Our dinner finally came at 10:45 and we ate and got ready for bed.  She had to run down to the car to get something, and I was talking to the girls, I asked her daughter, "So are you excited about competition tomorrow?".  She said, "I hate poms and baton, I think I'll quit next year, I don't want to do it at all".  Really?!   I'd somewhat expected that her mom was making her do it, but never really thought I'd hear her say it.  Her mom came back up and we all went to bed.

We had to be there at 10:00am so we got up, showered everyone and got there on time.  Her Mom and brother showed up again and stayed all day.  Nothing wrong w/ that they just wanted to watch the competition, fine.  Long day the teams went first.  Brooke's baton team did OK, didn't think they would place that well, Brooke dropped a few tricks and the team got lost in a few places, at least that's what it looked like to me.   The Pom team went quite a while later, after lunch at least.  The Pom team ROCKED!  They looked great didn't forget a thing, I was hoping they'd get first.   Some of the individual events where after teams got over, so Brooke had to do Basic box, and Military box.  She did fairly well in them, I wasn't expecting a 1st but she was obviously better than quite a few of the girls.  Awards for that day were last, the baton team got 1st in their division I was pretty shocked!  Her Pom team also got first, that one I expected, we finally left about 5:00 and headed out to find a place to eat.  Her kid wanted McDonald's  I was like, no way in hell am I eating at McD's after a long day like that.  So I pretty much demanded Applebee's  or equivalent, figured she owed it to me after the night before.  We found one, then a bunch of our other teammates showed up so we all sat together.  It was fun.   Got back to the hotel, the girls swam for a while w/ all their teammates. At Nationals, all the solo girls exchange small good luck gifts so we all got together in the hotel lobby and exchanged gifts.  With 11 solo twirlers it was like Christmas!  The girls were eating it up.  Finally get up stairs and get to bed about 10:30, have to be at the gym by 8:00 next morning.
All the solo twirlers at Nationals

Got up at 6:00, loaded the car, woke up the girls, got them ready, went down ate breakfast.   Got them to the gym just in time, they were already playing the National Anthem and all lined up, so they had to hurry into place.  Solos went right after that which was a little surprising cause they are usually last.  She got to practice about 10 minutes and then she was in line waiting her turn.  She did pretty good, but had four drops, she didn't forget anything, didn't catch the one turn...I was kind of disappointed as I know she can do it.  But I didn't tell her that.  I watched her whole class of 9 girls, and I figured she might get 2nd or third as they all had quite a few drops.    Her solo was the only thing she had to do that day, so we basically sat around and waited ALL day for the rest of the stuff to get done.  She had entered "overall" so the awards are at the end.  I didn't really sit w/ Stacey much because I didn't want to listen to her kid whine and complain about everything under the sun.   I just sat w/ the rest of the team.  FINALLY it was time for awards at 5:00!  We got there at 8:30!   They started w/ Beginner so that was nice, Brooke got 4th in box, 4th in military and 5th in  solo.  That's where I was kind of shocked...I'm not a judge so I guess...what do I know...but she had the same amount of drops as some of the higher placing girls, and more difficulty. I was thinking she'd be 3rd at least.   Oh well...she was happy she then got 5th overall as well.  She got a big trophy, bigger than all her others, and she had a big smile, when it comes down to it that's all that matters.  We finally got to leave the school at 6:00pm and head home to MI, we made it home about 10:50 pm totally exhausted.  Her daughter bitched and complained for basically the whole ride til we hit I-96 and she fell asleep, I did so much biting my tongue that I think I need it reattached.  I will NEVER ride w/ her again to go that far, not sure I will ride w/ her period.  Yelling, crying, was just so much fun.  Yelling, "I DON'T EVEN WANT TO DO BATON AND POMS, I NEVER WANTED TO DO IT!!"  I really hope she does quit that would be a huge blessing!  I've never been so thankful to get out of a vehicle in my life.   On the edge of screaming at a kid...

 Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I have to wait for everyone else to post pics before I can add them.

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