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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Monday after.

The Luau.  It was a LONG fun weekend, it started Friday night and was pretty much a continuous party all weekend, good times, good friends, good weather, a pool, jello/pudding shots, great food and a motorcycle ride!   Friday night was making said shots w/ the crew, while the kids swam and enjoyed the pool.  Saturday was a little hectic as my Mom decided it was a good day to plant a garden w/ my daughter.  Admittedly she didn't ask me for any help but after making cupcakes for my sons Jr. Rams picnic, and brownies for the Luau I went out and helped.  My daughter's only 7 so she's not a HUGE help yet but she was doing her level best and it was hotter than Hades outside.   The garden looks beautiful and my daughter loves it, and I'm sure it's a memory she always have of her and her Grandma cleaning out the garden space, going and picking out the new plants, and then getting to decide where they go.  She did a great job picking out plants that are nice, and a couple cherry tomatoes.

  Just as we were finishing up our friend Ted showed up on his motorcycle to take me to the Luau cause my van wouldn't start.  That was fun, haven't ridden one since I was a teen.  The Luau was crazy as usual, lots of splashing and even some flashing...yikes!  Someone (not me) had a few to many Hurricanes and got a little(or maybe a lot) rowdy, but it was all in good fun.
Beer pong

The Jamies

EMPTY Jello/pudding shots.

Jamie, Christine, Me

Destiny, Crystal, Jamie, Maria

  Finally got home about 11:30 and fell into bed.  Sunday was back to help clean up(but it was all done, darn that Jamie) and eat breakfast...then a long day of laundry, cleaning and figuring out what to do about the van.  Friends of John's from church let us borrow their car since they are on vacation all week.  Thank God!  Didn't know how the heck we were gonna manage w/ one vehicle.  Anyway...that was my exciting weekend...on the edge of another one...Cleveland baby!


  1. Wow. Who was the freak that was flashing. Unacceptable. You have strange friends.

  2. Yea...I do have strange friends, so at least I fit in ;D