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Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 inches of rain overnight!

HOLY tugboat Batman!  We got 5 inches of rain overnight last night.  After it had already rained all day.  When I got up this morning the pool (above ground, quick set) was OVERFLOWING.  So I ran down to check the basement because ours is notorious for getting wet in these instances.  Sure enough there was water in the laundry room UGH!  Well it is also trash day, which I did not take out the night before because it was POURING!  I had out to do that, and notice that the outdoor trash can has fallen over at some point in the night...NICE...grrr.   Thursday morning is off and running.  I run out to get the trash taken care weighs a TON (95 size gallon city trash cart) and I have to get it tipped back up so I can roll it out to the curb.  It was FULL because I "Mommy cleaned" the kids rooms and the basement this last week.  Got that managed and headed for the pool.  Funny, every time the storm woke me up last night and hearing the storm I would think to myself, "the damn pool is gonna be full of God forsaken pine needles that I'll have to skim before I can start the filter".  Well there wasn't any pine needles because evidently they floated out w/ the water overflow.  I go out and push down on one side so the water can flow out.  Boy did it ever, I can imagine it must have been 200 gallons I let out(it holds over 4000), getting soaked in the process.  Luckily it was a quite hot, muggy morning so I didn't mind.  Mind you, I was till in my pajamas this whole time.  Pool taken care of I head back in the house.  Pick up the few wet towels that were on the laundry room floor and toss them in the laundry, call landlord (Mom) and tell her to bring on the shop vac.   This was all before 8:30!  Who says ya gotta be in the Army to be busy in the morning.  This isn't too much out of my normal day.  Apparently we are under the chance of rain and storms for the next 24 hours as well...oh boy!  On the edge of building an Arc...

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