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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why are Ugg boots(or knockoffs) so popular?

They are called Ugg's for a reason, they are fugly.  I can't count the hords of white trash looking sheeple that walk through the local grocery store in Ugg-ish boots and pajama pants.  WTH?  Can you not be bothered to put on clothes and footwear that doesn't look like slippers?  They aren't even functional, they are supposed to be winter boots and yet they are made out of some suede material that gets wet if the snow is too deep and then they are wet all the way through...FAIL.  Then they will also have salt marks when they dry out AND...and! they are ridiculously expensive for the -probablylessthan5minutes- it takes to make them.
Not mine..stole the pic from some online source, but I rest my case.
They seem to be highly popular w/ teens and now of course w/ the trickle down effect, little girls.  I refuse to buy my daughter any, and I sure as hell won't own any myself.  I guess I'm just too practical but winter boots have a purpose, to keep your feet WARM and DRY.  I'm old enough to remember Moon boots and they were ALL the rage, I had some( I was quite young, didn't ask for them, it's just what my mother bought me) they were in fact warm...WHEN they were dry.  They didn't stay dry for long.  I actually hated those boots in a very short amount of time.  Anyway, back to Uggs...just stop following the herd and be you, chances are you think they are ugly too, you just wear them because everybody else does.


  1. Ok, so I have to half defend Uggs. I said I would never have any - my reasoning though was because my calves are too fat for them. Well, Phil bought me some for Christmas a couple years ago. NEVER in my WHOLE life have I worn more comfortable boots. They keep my feet warm and dry AND I go out and play in the snow in them. They may be suede, but they come with some spray stuff that keeps the suede from getting ruined.

    Now, all of that said, I refuse to buy them for my daughter. I bought her knock-offs because I can't justify spending that kind of money on boots for a kid whose feet are still growing. =)

  2. Really? they stay dry inside when they look all wet on the outside like that? Hmmm...amazing. I guess ya can't be a hater on a Christmas Present :D It's ok, you can wear ugly boots I still like ya just the way ya are, at least you stand up for what you believe! I was really talking about all the people who try to be as cool as you, and besides I don't see you wearing yours to Meijer in your PJ's, well...not yet anyway ;D Love ya! Maybe that's the secret, they are so comfortable that no one gives a crap about how ugly they are. Innnnnnteressssssting.

  3. Yeah, I was kinda weirded out by it too, but they actually stay all dry and warm and super fuzzy even when they look like they are soaking wet. Now here's a catch, though - I think only people with fat calves such as myself can appreciate it cuz if you notice, most people who toodle off to Meijer in their Uggs in their jammies (which I'm sure I have) do not have fat calves and therefore if they play in the snow, the snow slides right inside their boot and onto their feet.

    Regardless, these other freaks just cannot pull off the greasy haired jammy wearing Ugg look like I do :D

  4. LOL you're so funny :D Definitely food for thought!

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