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Saturday, January 28, 2012

UPS Fail

Is this how you expect to get a package from UPS?

My husband's cousin lives in Florida, she had contacted me and asked if she could mail him some old family photos.  Of course I said, "Yes and here's our address...".  So a few days before Christmas I come home from work to see this box sitting outside the side door of my house.  What thaaaaa?   At first I thought our crazy dog ripped into it while she was outside as it was INSIDE the fence.  This was also a shocker cause our normal UPS man never comes inside our fence and leaves anything, he's left it hanging from the fence by one of their standard issue clear bags, but never inside.  Then after I thought about it, our psycho dog would have dragged it all over the yard, played w/ all of the contents, and the missing pieces would have been in the yard w/ dog slobber all over them.  GROSS but true.  So I take it in the house, because's Michigan in the winter..too cold to stand out here playing CSI, and inspect it further to see what happened.  I couldn't imagine that UPS would actually deliver it in that condition.  So I get in the house, pull out my crime scene kit...ok not really, look at the box a little closer and see what looks like teeth marks.  Not only on the outside near the edges of the hole, but inside on the other items still left in there(a Christmas card, a picture in a frame, and a note).  I show it to my husband and he pulls out the note, meanwhile I decided that it must be damage from rats (giant EUUUWWW here), luckily there were no droppings cause I woulda tossed that thing and all the contents w/ it.  Hubby pulls out the card and read it, lots of nice things and "hope you enjoy the peanut brittle if it doesn't get all broken up on the way there".  Then we both had to crack up, cause there was absolutely NO TRACE of peanut brittle in that box.  Something sure enjoyed it, but it wasn't us.   I've always felt fairly safe shipping anything via UPS despite all the crappy stories you hear about them. However, I have to say, I'll think long and hard before I used them to ship anything again, especially food.  I can't believe they didn't at least wrap it in a plastic bag or something, WTH?  What if it was raining? the contents would have been ruined!  Stupid UPS

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  1. Oh wow, I have never had a problem with them but this has me rethinking them as well.