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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Because I love books

I love books, I do, I'm a voracious reader.  I'll read anything, if I'm bored I'll read instruction's just what I do.  Books are sacred, you don't write in them, you don't throw them away, you don't mistreat them, you just don't.  I held out on this whole e-reader revolution for a long time, I love my books they way they are.  I don't have to charge them, I can read them anywhere, I don't need wi-fi, just a trip to the library and the book world is at my fingertips.  I didn't want an e-reader, in fact I told my husband, "whatever you do, don't ever buy me one of those things."

   UNTIL, the Nook tablet came out.  Of course first I heard about the Kindle Fire, and I was intrigued and then while doing research (because I have to know ALL the pros, cons and specs before I buy anything) I found the Nook Tablet.  After MUCH deliberation, I got my oldest son one for Christmas thinking he can use it for college textbooks next fall.  He loved it, and showed me all the cool stuff it can do.  I wanted one.  So I decided that I would save up my Christmas money and buy myself one.  Shortly after the first of the year, I purchased mine.

  I love it, I do, here's the thing... I don't understand why the ebooks are so expensive?  If you buy a paperback book instead of a hard cover it's cheaper, so why isn't an ebook cheaper than a paperback?  Seems logical to me.  I don't care if I own it forever, I own a physical book forever, unless I get rid of it, so what's the difference?  It's not anymore portable than a real book and it doesn't cost anything to print, there's nothing to ship, so  in buying it you're really just paying royalties.  Do authors get higher royalties for ebooks? I know I can still use the library it just seems like more of a hassle to use than to just drive to the library run in and grab a book, that I can renew over and over if I want.  The e-library seems so complicated, and I still love the feel of a physical book, the smell of the paper, the feel of the paper, the weight of the book.  I suppose I'll just be torn between the two worlds until physical books are totally obsolete.


  1. Everybody around me has ereaders of some type. I just won't do it. I love my books, and I hate to spend money. I have a great library system. There are 20 different libraries interconnected and I just go online, find the book I want and put it on hold. Whichever library has it available first ships it to my library then they call me and I go pick it up. There are a few books I buy, if I love them (yup, I own the entire Twilight Saga) but for the most part I don't pay to read cause if I did I would go broke.

    1. Heather, I have the same situation at my disposal. I bought the Twilight Saga also, but I don't usually buy the books either, because I can get them when I want them from the library and like you, place a hold, get a notification and just go pick them up. I like my Nook, but I think I'll stick to the free books unless someone wants to buy them for me(giftcards). Seems like such a waste to own a bunch of books I'll probably read once and then what do I do w/ it. The Nook does have the option to "lend" a book to or from a friend (Nook friends, free app) so that's nice, but I still prefer the library.

    2. Just curious, any book suggestions for me? I am eagerly awaiting Hunger Games from the library, but other than that I am dry on ideas. I did just pick up a book but haven't started it (it is from the young adult section, lol, I love teen angst)but am always looking for suggestions. Thanks

    3. I'm also waiting on the Hunger Games, have you read The Help? GREAT book. The Outlander series by Diana Galdon is REALLY good too, but LONG. I just read a short one today called Children of the's pretty good and suspenseful, quick read though. I haven't had much time to read lately, sometimes the short ones are good for that.

    4. The Outlander series is one of my favorites. Can't wait for the next one to come out. Tried to read the Lord John books but couldn't get into them. I will have to try The Help, and Children of the Mist. Thanks!