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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whoever woke me up...

I see these things on facebook all the time and I don't usually "share" them because it gets to be annoying, but this one I had to share...and then I had to blog about it.  Here's why.  I'm a light sleeper, any noise can wake me up, and unfortunately as soon as I wake up, my brain thinks it's time to hit the ground running, no matter what time it is.  So if I get woke up in the middle of the night, by anyone or anything I can be awake for HOURS just trying to shut off my hot, stinking, BRAIN!(Ren and Stimpy reference, if you know it you will laugh).  I think about stupid shit, and heavy stuff, and just utter crap like: did I put my Nook on the charger, did I turn off the kitchen the door locked, what if we have (insert meal here) for dinner tonight, is the dog in the house, did I forget to pay that bill??????  It drives me insane, and then inevitably I have to pee, which only leads to me being MORE awake. It's SO FRUSTRATING!  Also my husband snores like a bear, not just any old bear, not a baby bear, like a 10ft GRIZZLY BEAR on a rampage, in a thunderstorm, behind a semi truck, being pulled by a tractor....are ya getting the picture?  We don't live in a large house, or one of those McMansion type homes, we live in a small ranch.  I've tried every room in this house at night, there is NO WHERE I can go and not hear him snoring.  I've tried ear plugs, yep it lessens the noise but I can still hear it.  So short of smothering him w/ a pillow in his sleep(and BELIEVE me the thought has crossed my mind) or having him sleep in the garage, I'm just screwed.  So last night I slept in my oldest sons bed because he's at his dad's for the weekend.  It was at least a little quieter, the Hub has a Dr. appt. for tomorrow morning to talk to him about a CPAP machine, I can't take it anymore.  This picture actually made me LOL this morning...maybe it's the sleep deprivation.


  1. LOL! This is SO me too! My husband and our dog (who sleeps with us....ya...lets not go both snore and if I don't go to sleep before both of them it's a loss cause! So I totally know where you are coming from! :) Thanks for laugh this morning! :)

    1. Yes if I can get to sleep first it's usually ok for a few hours, if not, I might as well go out and sleep in the van. Good luck!