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Friday, January 27, 2012

I don't like to cook...but baking..

I don't like to cook, it's just so annoying.  You come up w/ this great meal idea, you slave over it for hours(ok maybe a half  an hour) bring your beautiful steaming creation to the table so excited, bursting w/ joy and ready to dig in.  You put it down in front of the kids and they first thing you hear is "I ain't eatin' that!", then it's "what's that white stuff?", "why are there carrots in it?" "I'm havin' cereal!".  Why does anyone want to cook?

In order to cook you have to use dishes, I hate to do dishes, so I try to make things that use as little dishes as possible. Who wants to spend there time scrubbin' pots and pans and eighteen different bowls, and forty different knives.  Gimme one bowl, one knife and stand back!  I can cook, I'm good at it when I want to be.  I learned to cook because I like to eat good food, but on to bigger and better things...

I do enjoy baking, so tonight I whipped up some Amish Friendship Bread (it's a pdf) because the starter was ready and smells so wonderful and delicious baking you can't even imagine. This is like Heaven in your kitchen, I shit you not.  It's so good even my pickiest kid LOVES it!  He went sneaking past me just a minuted ago and spotted the fresh loaves cooling on top of the stove, he stopped took two steps back and said, "Is thaaat Friendship bread?  F-for Usssss?"  I said, "Yep!" and I swear he nearly peed in his pants (he's 10 so that would be weird).   They all come running, it's like crack!  Just look at it!

There is just nothing better on a cold night than this stuff.  I don't know if it's actually Amish or that's just some made of story but SOMEbody knew what they were doing when they thought up this stuff.  Fresh and warm from the oven, put a little butter on it and VOILA!  Your very own crack bread!

Oh yeah, it ain't easy, you have to use the starter (link to make your own)that you would traditionally get from your "friend" and it takes 10 days for that to mature and be ready to back.  When it's done you end up w/ four starters and 2 of the most delicious loaves of bread you'll ever eat.  You're supposed to share one loaf I guess, but umm...that doesn't always happen it's just that good.


  1. Looks wonderful. Figures I just started Weight Watchers, it will probably be 100 points a slice :(

    1. Yea, I'm trying to lose weight too, luckily the four kids and hub will have it gone before I eat too much of it.