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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PC Hell!

I have an OLD PC, and I mean industry standards.  This one was bought sometime in 2002.  Yep that's 10 years folks.  It's driving me CRAZY!!!  I think this year I resolve to buy a new one w/ tax money.
I no longer shut it down every night because it takes too long to start back up in the morning.  It lags, it freezes, it doesn't play videos smoothly, and just generally pisses me off. You've heard of Molasses in January, yea I think this is slower.   The scrolling is getting worse and worse by the day, I have to wait for each website to completely load in order to scroll through it or it will scroll a little ways and then freeze and you can't do anything. I let the kids use it occasionally (they have their own ancient PC) and they play games on it, and then it's pretty much shot for the day, they've used up all the possible computing capability it can muster.  I swear I hear it groaning every time they touch the keyboard.  I also have this GIANT old monitor that is from anther PC after mine died, it's a 19 inch and it's gianormous, it takes up more than half my desk so that my keyboard barely fits.
I don't have a laptop, I think I would like one, but I don't know I've had one before EONS ago and I didn't really care for it all that much.  I just bought myself a Nook Tablet w/ my Christmas money and I love that, but it's really more like a cell phone than a PC.  It's great for on the go, but for serious business(you know like facebook, email, blogger) it's not the best.  It's an ereader w/ internet capability and that's all it's supposed to be.  On the edge of throwing this thing out the window!


  1. Saw you on People I want to Punch in the Throat, don't have any kids so I'm usually wary of any blog that starts with "mommy," but you're a riot! 10 years? A new computer is a must. Good luck!