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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WTF moments

DH was watching the news and me being in the next room I was passively listening.  So I hear this woman start talking about her disability called Ectrodactyly (link to wikipedia) and because of this she only has one digit on each of her appendages.  Ok sorry to hear about your luck.  THEN I hear her start talking about her kids, 2 of the 3 have the same problem.  SO I looked it up, it's pretty darned hereditary.  WHY on God's green earth would you go ahead and decide to have kids knowing what the odds are(not good) of passing this on?  Are there not enough beautiful adoptable children in this world?  You can even pick the age and sex of an adopted child, and guess what? They're not going to inherit this defect.  She was all..."it's a gift, I tell people not to berate their children for staring, I just know we have this chance to teach people about this defect...blah blah blah.."  Do you also tell them not to yell at their kid for picking on your kids that you purposely cursed w/ this disease?  I'm still in shock over this 'article' on the Today Show.  I wonder if her two sons think it's a gift too, I wonder if their dad thinks so, sure he probably agrees with her to her face, but what does he really think?  Not only is this defect hereditary but other defects can come with it, blindness, hearing loss, growth impairment, microcephaly, craniofacial manifestations, hernias and mental retardation.  I'm sorry but I would adopt a hundred kids before I'd risk passing ANY of those things on to my children.  Some people are just selfish I guess.  Of course the news made her out to be some kind of frickin hero.  Yikes.

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