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Monday, June 6, 2011


Sometimes(well....ok..MOST the time) my husband is a pain in the rearend.  This last week would be no different.  A little background first.  He gets 3 weeks of vacation a year.   AMAZING! you say?  Yea, it would be if he actually got paid for it.   See he works on 100% commission.  SO, if he takes a vacation day, he simply doesn't get paid, yeah I know right?!  SUCKS!  So why on earth wouldn't his company give more vacation days each year?  What do they care they're not paying anyone for not working.  Let me be clear, he sells TV in essence he's always making money, however it sure doesn't feel like it sometimes.

Anyway, his year is based on his start date w/ the company, which is in June.  So he has to use his vacation anytime from June to June...whatever the date was.  This year, he had one week left and was out of time, so he took his vacation last week to use it up.  Now IF it were me...and I had vacation time coming that I didn't get paid for...I figure WHO CARES if I lose it, it's not going to matter one way or the other.  We are always scraping by so why on earth would you take a week that you don't get paid for, when we are already behind?  I was a teensy bit LIVID at the prospect anyway.  Obviously that didn't stop him, so I figure at least it saves me day care for the week.  He had no actual going away from home plans so I figured...he'll at least get something done.   WRONG!

I don't even know what he did do all day besides pick up the kids.  He I take that back..he cleaned the chicken for one nights meal, and popped frozen burritos in the oven for another...helped fold a couple loads of laundry after I washed/dried and brought them upstairs in a basket and started to fold them myself.  Washed a load of clothes on the wrong temp setting and dried clothes that shouldn't be dried.  Brooke was sick Thurs.and Fri. but not so sick that he needed to baby her, she had a fever and turns out an ear infection but it wasn't horrible, w/ pain meds she was pretty good  Bitched about the boys not mowing the lawn, while he was sitting home doing nothing, and they had school.  Not that I don't think they should mow, but if he's sitting around doing nothing while we are all at school/work...then why the hell can't he do it?  They left for their dad's on Weds. night so they weren't even home after that.  He painted the backboard for the Bball hoop.  Picked up the camping stuff from our friend's house. MAYBE just a very few other things that I'm not recalling, but it wasn't much.  He did manage to find time to go to a few garage sales of course.

Saturday we had open houses to go to, but I had to work til 2 so I was thinking at least when I got home they'd be ready to go.  Nope.  When I got home he was sleeping in the lazy boy and the kids were watching TV.

Now I waited all week, not doing my usual cleaning schedule, just picked up a few things here and there, hoping he'd do SOMETHING.  Nope.  So yesterday, Sunday, after working all week AND Saturday, I cleaned the house, picked up the dog poop, mowed the yard, did the laundry and got groceries.  The back yard had to be mowed twice because it was so long.  Oh wait...he did fold the blankets in the living room and vacuum I better not leave that out, but only AFTER I started cleaning.  WTH?!  His excuse when we argued about it was..."excuse me for wanting to take time from my job so I can get rested and do my job better when I go back to work!"  Seriously??!!  I've never met a more rested person in my life, he can sleep anywhere at the drop of a hat.  If he sits still for more than 5 minutes he's snoring.  I'd like to know when I get a rest...probably when I'm dead.  On the edge of spousal abuse...

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