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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The last day of school...bittersweet.

  FINALLY the last day of school for this school year.  It seems like it's been a LONG time coming.  The kids are tired of school, I'm tired of school, and we are ALL ready to sleep in.  I'm excited for them as I remember the last day being so fun and a tad bittersweet.  On one hand I would get to hang out w/ my friends that lived by me all summer long and have all kinds of adventures.  On the other...I wouldn't see some of my friends who lived farther away til school started back up.  Also there was always a small sense of trepidation about the impending new school year...though that was quickly forgotten in all the summer fun.
  I hope they have a great last day, though as a Mom it's still bittersweet.  I'm used to having a few kid free hours to myself before I go to work each day.  Now they will be home everyday which some days it great and some days drives me up the wall!  Like any Mom I suppose.  Summer is fleeting and it will be over before ya know it so hopefully it will be fun for them.  I'm hoping to possibly do a few fun things this summer but it all depends on how the funds flow so we shall see.  Happy Summer!
On the edge of sleeping in...

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