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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

angry, disappointed, disheartened, disgusted...

Why?   Kids.

My oldest son's grades just came in the mail.  He failed two classes...AGAIN!  He did this least year, had to do summer school.  So this year I told him, "you fail anything, NO band camp!"  It's not because he's stupid, or slow, or needs help.  It's because he's lazy and thinks he knows it all and can do no homework, turn nothing in, pass the exam and pass the class.  Well guess what?  That didn't work.   He failed DRAWING for Christ's sake!!!  Who the hell fails drawing?!  I think you have to try really hard to fail drawing.  He turned in exactly one assignment the for the whole class.  He also failed Algebra II  not because he doesn't know what to do or needs help, the kid eats math for lunch.  He failed because he didn't turn in ANYTHING at all!

  I've tried everything, punishment, positive reinforcement, etc... I don't know what else to do.  I've taken everything away that's privilege.  It does no good.  I've gotten daily emails from his teachers as to what's due. I've nagged and hounded and double checked stuff.   I'm just done.  The kid obviously wants to be in control of the only thing he can control so he fails.  On purpose.  This kid is gonna graduate come hell or high water!  I don't care what it takes.  I'm pissed off, upset, sad, disappointed,  disheartened, disgusted...etc.  I'm so sad that he doesn't get to go to band camp for his senior year.   I hope it wakes him up, but I'm not sure it will help anything as he won't be attending band camp next summer anyway.  Grr...why did I have kids, I should have just gotten a couple of puppies.  On the edge of child abuse...(haven't I been there before?)

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