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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The pool is full!

The pool is full!  The kids are so happy, it wasn't exactly a warm and beautiful spring here, that added to the busy schedule we live in, we just got it up.  Saturday morning we pulled it out and started filling.  By Saturday night it was nearly full but I wanted to go to bed so I shut it off.   Filled it the rest of the way Sunday morning, and unfortunately I noticed a hole.  CRAP! It was also at the bottom of the pool.  We had plans as it was Father's day so off we went to my Dad's.  We spent a few hours there, and then we picked up the boys on the way home.  I REALLY didn't want to go in search of a patch kit, but I did.  Looked at Meijer...looked at Target and gave up.  Bought some Duck tape at Target and figured it would work til Monday.  So Cole offered to get in the pool and put the tape on.  INSTANT stop to the leak, AND it held all night and into Monday morning.  I went and got the patch kit at the pool place.  I happened to mention that it was currently being held by Duck tape and the guy laughed.  He said, " it's amazing what that stuff will do".  Yep!  So Cole pulled off the Duck tape and put on the patch and VOILA!  No more leak.  Today was FREAKIN hot, so I'm glad they were able to swim.
On the edge of a nice refreshing summer...

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