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Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you remember the drive-in?

Did you ever go to to the drive-in when you were a kid?  Do you remember how much fun it was?  My dad and step-mom used to take us kids, the five of us would pile into the station wagon in our pajamas.  My step-mom would make a big 'ole paper grocery bag full of popcorn, and she'd make fudge, they'd buy some Nehi or Towne Club pops on the way, we'd take blankets and pillows.  We'd get there early, one of the drive-ins we went to had a playground up front by the screen, The Starlite theater.  The M-78 drive-in just had a grassy area in front of the screen, so we'd play frisbee or catch til the movie started.  You'd grab the speaker off the pole and hang it on the window, put on some skeeter spray and enjoy the movie munching away on junk food bliss.  Stay up really late, and watch a movie outside.  It was so much fun!   Too bad most of the drive-ins are now closed.  Though there is still a few in Michigan.  We've been to The Capri Drive-in in Coldwater and taken the kids a few times, it's a great time and so nostalgic for us parents.  Load up the van w/ kids and junk food.  They don't have the speakers you hang on your windows anymore, you just tune your car radio to the right station and listen that way.  It's still fun!  This weekend the double feature is Cars 2 and The Green Lantern...thinking about making the trip if the cards fall right.   On the edge of going to a movie!


  1. I have STILL never been to a drive in :(

  2. There's a lot of summer left, we will have to remedy that!