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Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is there to sing about at 4am?

Thursday morning I was awakened by birds.   Not the lovely sunny morning around 8/9 am mind, it was 4 am and not even light yet.  What the hell is there to sing about that early in the morning?  You don't even know if your gonna get to see daylight yet.  Stupid birds.  My husband opened the window that night because it was supposed to be above 30 degrees and if  you live in MI you know that that is open window weather, better enjoy it while you can.  So here I was sleeping peacefully in my warm bed, and the damn birds start singing.  UGH!  WHY do I have to be such a light's SO not fair!  Long story short...I was awake for the day, because I'm also terrible at getting back to sleep once awakened.  On the edge of birdocide...

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