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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camping experience from Hell, in Hell

Or Hell Creek Ranch to be exact, which is located in Hell, MI.

Will not EVER camp there again. Partly it was the weather, but partly the campground, do NOT go there if you value your sleep. We got there yesterday after working all day, coming home and pack everything, and leaving. We had friends going and were going as a whole group. They got there before us and graciously set up our tents. It was misting all night, finally I gave up and went to bed about 9:30 as I was whipped. The people next to us(not our friends, other campers) were bikers...fine. They were fairly quiet, until their friends showed up on LOUD ass motorcycles at 12:30! 12:30! Who the hell lets people in a campground at 12:30...then they proceeded to be exceedingly LOUD and every other word was fuck, or other colorful language, we had our four kids w/ us, two of which are under 10. These people knew this because we'd talked to them several times before I went to bed and helped them out w/ a few things they'd forgotten. So they are drinking, swearing, laughing, being obnoxious...and I'm thinking that SOMEONE will come around and do something about it. No, I yelled at one point, "trying to sleep here!!!" but I doubt they even heard me. About 1:30 they started up the loud ass bikes and left, THEN the people who were being loud and obnoxious down the hill had to go to the bathroom, and on their way by our neighbors stopped them to talk....they THEY started talking and being loud...oh dear God I didn't think it would ever end. FINALLY about 2 am they went to bed.

We were supposed to stay Fri to Sun, we packed up and left Saturday afternoon before more rain that was on the way, and I will NEVER go back there again. I did not take horses nor did I check the trails, but the campsites were such a nasty muddy mess, I can't imagine the trails were any better.  If there are separate areas for horse campers I didn't see them. It SEEMED like there were horse campers intermixed w/ all the regular campers. There were a LOT of horses there too, but they were pretty quiet. I wouldn't take my horse there, he would be terrified of the motorcycles, he's kinda fruity like that.

Apparently the place has changed owners quite recently.  As for the owners...the only reason we went there in the first place was because our friends, who had been there a number of times, were talking it up, lots of great things, and yea after 11:00 it's quiet time and they drive around and monitor it..etc. There was NO ONE driving around monitoring it. If there were they ought to be slapped. These weren't the ONLY people being exceptionally loud, I could hear others around the campground they were just farther away and less of a bother. These 'neighbors' were less than 20 ft away. So IMAGINE trying to sleep and having people starting up their Harley 10 ft from your head?

 I don't know if the guy that kept coming by was the owner or just a helper, but he was not the brightest crayon in the box. He had to come back twice and have our group pay more money because he didn't know if we'd paid enough for the weekend. Why bother talking to the owners, they obviously didn't think it was any trouble to let people ride their extremely loud motorcycles in and out of the campground between 12:30 and 1:30 am. 

I'll stick to state or county campgrounds were there are rules about noise and actual people coming around at night to check on things. On the edge of murder...

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