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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rules are rules...they have a purpose

This is really about my job but I'll keep it vague so as not to light up anyone in particular.  OK my job has certain rules/forms that must be filled out in order to attain certain items.  It has a reason.  So anyway on a DAILY basis I have people come in and ask to purchase said items and they haven't filled out the paperwork.  Half the time they don't even know what the paperwork is/never heard of it, had no idea...etc.  Excuses range from, "I'm just picking them up for so and so", " I had it filled out at home but forgot it", "No one said anything about paperwork!", and on and on.  OK, so I politely and patiently (and sometimes let me tell you it's SO not what I want to be doing but it's my job) walk them through filling out the paperwork and get it done.   Then there are those days like today when a lady came to pick up one of said items for her husband...she was in a pissy mood when she walked in...complaining about.."You have THE craziest hours on the planet! I had to leave work early"  actually we don't, they are the same every day but Friday when they are actually longer.  I tell her she needs to fill out the paper work, her attitude goes south..."well I just to pick it up for my husband.."  OK so I'll show you how to fill it out, do you know the child's name?  "No, I don't know his name, my husband wasn't even sure that he earned it BUT he needs it by TONIGHT!"  Here's where I stop and think to myself then WHY is your husband willing to give it to the kid? I politely tell her, that I'm sorry I really can't sell it to you w/o the form being filled out.  She storms out saying "NEVERMIND! I'll just give him my sons...I'm SO glad my son is quitting next year!"  Bummer...poor kid, he'll miss out on some really cool stuff.  On the edge of customer abuse...

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