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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, I'm 37.  So far so good, except I got up too early and now I'm hitting my afternoon slump and I REALLY want a nap, however I'm at work, so I could see that being frowned upon.  Went to Secretary of state yesterday to renew my license and tabs for my car.   Went yesterday morning, got there at 10:38 I was number 39, they were on 19.  Waited til 11:00 then I had to leave because I had some other errands to do before having to be to work at 12:00.  However I did get my tabs renewed at the Kiosk by the door, handy little thing, you can renew 24/7, bout time they figured we could handle that part ourselves.  I figured I'd just stop back after work, and hope they'd be less busy.  HUH! Fat chance!  Stopped by after work, walked in, turned around and walked right back out, it looked like there were 70 people in the waiting area!  Well I had to pick my kids up and there's another SOS office fairly close to there, so I figured I'd try that one, what the heck.  So I get to that one and it looks like there are at least 200 people there waiting!(ok, that might be an over exaggeration..there MAY have been just a few less than 200)  WTH! Is everyone's birthday on May 25/26th?  So I gave up and went home.  Decided I'd go this morning.  This morning I get the kids off to school and head straight to the SOS office.  I'm the first one there.  It's raining and 25 minutes yet til they open...sit in my car and wait.  Finally get out and go up to the door, find that the vestibule is open so I can wait out of the rain at least.  I'm first in the time they unlocked the door there were 30 people behind me.  CRAZY!  At least the cashier was in a good mood.

Go to the barn, clean stalls, uneventful...well...mostly.  Somehow my dumb horse managed to scrape his face on something and has a big gouge out of his skin right on his nasal bones.  Only he can find a way to get hurt in a padded room.  I have NO idea how he did it, I can't find anything in his whole stall sticking out for him to scrape on.  Oh well?  He'll live...long way from his heart.

Go to Walmart, looking for a tie out cable for the dog for camping.  They don't have any, bought cheesecake to bring to work and share w/ my people.

Get to work, I have a card on my desk :D  and a package of Andes mint chocolates! Love these people!

Eat lunch, change into my work clothes and work.. plenty of day left.
Band concert...they call it the spring concert, but I figure it's more like my own personal birthday concert ;D  because...yeah.. I AM that awesome! :D

Editing to add the rest of my day...Now understand I've been married for 9 years, and every year I make it CLEAR what kind of cake I want for my birthday.  I want white CAKE w/ chocolate frosting.  It's all I ask...I don't even care if I get anything for my birthday but I love cake and I want CAKE!  So I get home from work before my husband does, and the kids are bugging me..."where's the cake?"  I don't know cause that's your dad's job on my birthday.  He finally walks in and I'm expecting him to be carrying my has a small brown box.  A bakers box.  So  I ask, "what's in the box?"   He says, "cupcakes".   He got six gourmet (gag) cupcakes instead of cake, 1 for each of us.  I'm instantly heartbroken, all I wanted was cake...but what do ya do?  I tried to be gracious and thankful, but he could tell I was disappointed.  Men are so dumb sometimes.

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