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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Got Brakes?

Having good brakes is a good thing.   I told my husband about a month ago that my brakes on my mini van were getting bad, they were squealing.  His reply, "didn't we just change them last spring?"  Well yes, we did, but guess what, they actually do wear out....kinda what they do.  So last week they seemed to just be a WHOLE lot worse, it was getting pretty close to the floor, and feeling like there were no brakes at all.  Finally Friday night upon arriving at our friend's house the brake light came on.  I told him again that the brakes needed to be fixed.   I guess he didn't believe me, but he ended up needing to drive it on Sat. for something and he came back and said, " need new brakes."  Mmm I said.  Anyway, so last night he and a good friend of ours Mr. Murphy, fixed them.  The difference is amazing! LOL  I can actually stop the vehicle now, imagine that?!  I guess it was just in time to, because someone pulled right out in front of me today of course.  Praise God that it wasn't yesterday, cause I wouldn't have been able to stop in time.

NOW, it's a good thing that the seat belts are in good working order, because I'm used to having to stomp on the brakes, not so much anymore.  It's a little bit like trying to throw everyone out the window when I slow down or stop.  On the edge of my seat...

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