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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Most AWESOME canoe trip ever!

The only up side of our camping disaster was the canoe trip.  I guess I never did count how many canoes there were, but I think it was about 7.  We headed out on the trip to canoe for a couple hours on the river that comes out of Hiland Lake.  It was SO much fun, the river is fairly slow in the first leg, and a little winding, then you get to the dam in back of Dam Site Bar in Hell, MI.  You have to ford your canoes around the dam and at the other side in the current is quite a bit faster.  That was FUN! It's a bit challenging to keep your canoe upright right at the beginning but it was a good time. We went through woods, and got a little lost at one point because of the flooding, we out and around some fallen trees and ended up way off the river and had to paddle back through the jungle of crap we just went through, but that was my favorite part!   Below the dam the river wasn't as wide, and it was really cool, straight through the middle of nowhere.  We came to another small hidden lake w/ no houses on it, we saw 9 turtles sunning themselves on a log, and several swans.  One swan was taking off and flew within 3 ft of our heads, that was AMAZING!  We also came to a bridge that we had to ford the canoes around because the water was so high.  After the bridge the river did a bunch of curvy switchbacks which was also really fun.  Best trip EVER! Well except for the part where Brooke and John Ryan were screaming and wiggling because of spiders that ended up in the canoe after our trip through the woods. We ended up back at the campground and everyone was tired but had a good time....LOVED it!  Would definitely go back to Hell to canoe, but I would never camp there.  Beautiful scenery, nice and quiet, just a great trip.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera :(  Hopefully someone else will post some pics.

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