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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soap scum?

I live with pigs.

I say this because of the soap scum...of course there are plenty of other examples but today it is soap scum.  I have a husband age 42, 3 sons ages 16,13, 9, and a daughter who is 7.    My husband and my sons are in an ongoing battle of scum.  NONE, not one! of them seems to be capable of cleaning out the drain after they take a shower(this is excluding the 9 yr old who doesn't even want to get IN the shower in the first place).  Well my husband..from here on known as DH(use those letters however you want...I do) and my teens all use the shower the most frequently, my 13 yr old and my DH use it EVERY morning.  Which is good, nothing wrong w/ being clean.  My 16 yr old and myself every other day, and my two littles, as often as I can drag them in there. 

Let's back track a little, our tub drains like molasses in January, if you're reading this from a warmer climate than Michigan, first of suck, and second of all January in MI is COLD so that would be excruciatingly slowly.  I don't know why, I hate it, but that's the way it is. 

Now back to the story at hand...My oldest son usually takes his showers in the evening, and leaves hardly enough hair or scum to clean out, in fact if he forgets, you sometimes can't even tell. My 13 yr old is the first one up and in the shower every morning.  He doesn't leave a ton of hair and scum in the shower, but enough that it should be cleaned out.  IF he forgets (which is often), then my DH goes next he will NOT clean it out before taking his own shower.   DH is a hairy guy, there's no other way to say it, when the rest of us in the house are cold, he's usually just fine, cause he lives in a permanent sweater.  If DH takes a shower and my 13 yr old hasn't cleaned out the drain, DH will NOT clean out the drain after he is done(can we say childish?).   He leaves a MAJOR amount of hair/scum in the tub, it looks like someone washed the dog and didn't clean it out...or maybe several dogs.  It's GROSS!  

So, after all these people have taken a shower, and there's a battle because "so and so was first and he didn't clean it out so I'm not cleaning it out." I get the shaft.  I'm the one who has to ultimately clean it out, because I take a shower in the middle of the day while everyone is at school/work.  I refuse to take a shower w/ all that crud in the drain which then ends up floating around my feet.   No one seems to give a damn, that the one person who does every damn thing in this house can't take a freakin' shower w/o cleaning it out FIRST!  WTH!? 

That is how it went today and then I super cleaned the shower when I was done, "blue turns to white ready to wipe!".  That bitch is SPARKLING!  And tonight when they get home they are all gonna get the book thrown at them.  All it takes is a little rinse, and cleaning out the drain and we'll all be happy.

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