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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little pain to brighten my day.

OK I tried to take a pic but you just can't appreciate it from that veiw.

I don't know why or how it happens, mostly because I don't pay attention, ya know you got your routine down and it's the same everyday.  I slammed my hand in the barn door today, why you ask?  Well why not!  Must be because I latched the gate AND then slid the door closed...I don't usually latch the gate, but rather latch the door shut.  It's a nice day, gonna be warm...I figured I'd shake it up a bit.  Ha ha..jokes on me...go to slide the obviously very heavy steel and wood barn door shit..shit? shut, at the usual break-neck, warp speed, and my hand got in the way.  Luckily I had gloves on or I would have lost a considerable amount of skin to go w/ it...tho it would definitely be more impressive looking.  My hand got slammed between the door and the center support bar of the gate BECAUSE...I latched the gate,  had it been unlatched it would have never been in the way.  Had my mind full of the other things I have to do today, and WHAM!  My mind cleared right up for a few split seconds...and filled right back up w/ all sorts of obscenities, words that are best not repeated in company other than the 5 horse witnesses.  Who..incidentally only bothered to quickly look up and see why the heck I was yelling at them when they were obviously not doing anything but eating, and then went back to eating.  Dumb prey animals anyway!  At least their not going to repeat any of it to their teachers or at church.  It doesn't really hurt at this point, and doesn't really look that bad, only like I have an extra knuckle, but I have to admit I was a bit nervous about taking off my glove after all the yelling was over.

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