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Friday, February 18, 2011

"Did you check it for murder?"

So today I took my daughter and oldest son w/ me to the store.   We happen to LOVE this type of peanut butter and it was on sale, so as she's riding in the cart I stop and grab a jar saying," Oooh it's on sale, we better get another one!"  My daughter looks at me and says, "did you check it for murder?"  I had to stop and think for a minute...WTH is she talking about? is going through my head.   Then I had to chuckle a little out loud, and I promptly unscrewed the cap and checked the seal.   Why did she think of this you might ask?

Here's the rest of the story.........
Around Halloween one of the local vets offices was offering to X-ray your child's candy to check for razor blades, and needles that type of yummy stuff.   SO my husband and I had to explain why on earth they would put such things in candy.  There are lots of crazy people in this world, they do some extremely crazy stuff...yada yada yada...there ya go.  Well the last time I bought this particular brand/flavor of peanut butter I opened it and the seal fell right off.  I mentioned to my daughter that I needed to take it back to the store and exchange it because it wasn't sealed right.  She asked me why it needed to be sealed, and I told her, "so we know that no one tampered w/ it, and it's safe to use."  She said, " Oh, so just to make sure there's no murdery bits in it?"  Right here, you'd be proud because I didn't lose it and roll on the floor laughing....murdery bits?   Sounds like some kind of Adams family breakfast cereal... HOW do they come up w/ this stuff?  I admit I did crack a HUGE smile and said, "Yes baby, so we know there are no murdery bits in it".  
You can't make this stuff up...have you checked YOUR peanut butter today?

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