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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kids CAN be thoughtful

We got our taxes back this last Friday so Saturday morning I took my two oldest kids clothes shopping.  We went to Kohl's cause they were having a big sale.  I took them to the young men's department, and told them to go find something.  Well they did ask how much they could each spend, so I told them about $100 a piece.  Of they went.  After some time they each had quite a few things, so we looked at the little kids clothes to find a few things for the younger two.  Found some clothes for the littles, found two pairs of shoes for myself.  On the way to the checkout my 13 yr old, Cole, said, " I bet that's about $200 worth of stuff"  I told him I was sure it was more, he was thinking I was wrong and kinda laughed it off.  So we get to the checkout and she starts ringing it up, and the total keeps going higher and higher...the end result $297.89 saved $585, and got $50 Kohl's cash! WOOHOO!  Cole was a bit shocked and said he was surprised I was right and told me he didn't think he'd ever see me spend that kind of money, then he said, " I didn't think my Mom ever even THOUGHT of spending that kind of money on clothes."  Which made me smile a bit, then he asked me if I had enough to cover it, and I assured him I did, told him, "it's called TAX refund baby!"  then he was all reassured and audibly let out a sigh of relief, it was cute that he was worried.  We are not well to do , or even well off by any means, we pinch every penny we can, so it was fun to just let them pick out whatever they wanted for once.  We had a great day, shopped, went out to lunch, checked out the new Galaxy Tab(so want one, someday) and just had fun for once.  They're good kids :D

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