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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slacking off...because I can.

I'm slacking off this week, I've not posted anything great or funny..I'm pissed off mostly, and letting it simmer down for a bit.

Monday Sucked of course because I lost my job, that a really enjoyed...most the time.

Tuesday was just really busy, pom/baton practice, baseball practice, and a band concert all on the same night, Lord help me.

Wednesday I actually had nothing to do after school, but had to run down to see my Aunt about 100 miles roundtrip..hence eating up most the gas I bought for 3.72 a gallon the day before.  However the visit was enlightening and helpful overall.  I'm glad I went.

Thursday, my youngest son had a doctors appt for a well child/sports physical, and I asked about some bloodwork.  Well that of course takes for-FREAKIN-ever.  I hate going to the doctors office because it takes months for them to get me/us in and then once you get there it's a GUARANTEED 2 hours every single time.  I need to find a new family doc, but I just don't want to deal w/ the hassle.  He(my son) had asked me if he was going to have to get shots, and I told him "I honestly don't know" I really didn't, it's been ya know...since he was 5 since he's been in for a physical (he's 10) so I had no idea.  Turns out he does need boosters, so he was REALLY Not happy about that, and of course that adds another 30 minutes to the visit.  He did well, got his two out of four shots(they said the others could wait til fall).

  Then we have to head to the lab for a blood draw, because "we no longer do that in the office.."  Obviously!  Why in the world would anyone tax your overworked staff more, they already can't get you in and out in a reasonable time frame.  The the poor boy is asking me about blood draws, does it hurt, is it worse than the shots??  I said no, because to me, it really isn't worse.  I told him that sometimes it doesn't hurt at all...I never should have said that.  So he's worried but resolved himself to the fact that it "can't be that bad".  So we get there and they get us right in.  I told the nurse(or whatever she is) that he faints at the sight of blood, consider yourself forewarned.  She pulls out the baby sized butterfly needle, I tell him to look the other way.  He looks away, she sticks him and he hollers "OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWCH!  That HURTS!  "  I don't know if she hit a nerve or what, but the poor kid obviously isn't faking.  Then I felt bad because I told him it wasn't gonna be that bad.  Then he starts to go downhill, he's right on the edge of passing out, white as a sheet, hands are cold, he's seeing colorful spots.  Great.  He didn't pass out, but it was close, poor little guy.  Got him a cup of juice, some cool cloths and let the fan blow on him for a few minutes and he was better.  I asked him if he wanted to go back to school, or go home.  He said school, so off we went.  He was fine by the time we got there and ready to go, what a trooper!

Friday, had to take the dog to get her shot, and new license.  What a cluster.  Our county does these vaccination clinics and they are usually pretty quick, but apparently they didn't have enough volunteers for this one, because I was 10th in line and I was there for an hour.  I'm EXTREMELY thankful that they do these as it sure makes owning a dog more affordable.

  Maybe I need to volunteer next year to help it go faster.  Meanwhile people are in line w/ their dogs on leashes, which is great.'s the thing, the Joe Schmoe average dog owner doesn't seem to be smart enough to leave some damn room between the dog in front of them and the dog behind them.  Also the majority of them have NEVER taught their dog to walk on a leash, so they are being dragged all over hell and back, half of them have more dog than they can handle or it outweighs them, so it's really like a lesson in WHAT NOT TO DO as a dog owner. Of course 80% of them are pit bulls..which is not a problem in itself, if the owners knew what the hell they were doing.  Last year there was a dog fight in line, this year...not while I was there thank God. After my hour in pergatory (feel sorry for the lone vet, usually there are two or more) I got to go home and do the rest of my running around.
Enjoyed a LOVELY fire last night it was a beautiful evening, the kids played outside, we had s'mores, just perfect.  At least it was a great end to a shitty week.

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  1. Sorry girlie. We just took the boy for hs 5 year shots OMG horrible but good thing they were able to do the blood there!

  2. the best way possible! Sorry:) Just stumbled upon your blog via Top Mommy Blogs and love your writing. Thanks for letting me follow!