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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My boys

I feel like I'm always writing about my daughter.  She's the youngest (and the neediest...boys are SO much easier, you people w/ both genders can admit it, it's ok), and I spend the most time w/ her by default, my husband can't coach baton/pom team(I don't either, but he has coached the boy's baseball, basketball and football teams over the years), he can't help her change costumes in the locker room, he can't drive so he can't take her to I have a LOT of time w/ her.

I have 3 sons also, that I love dearly and each of them are AMAZING for their own reasons.

My oldest son...we'll call him Bob Shingles, that's one of his user names to something or other.   Bob is 17 and on the verge of graduating(crossing my fingers and toes and praying really hard on that).  He's the first, the one who had me all to himself the longest.  Good thing because he was a difficult baby, I was just 20 when he was born, he didn't know what he wanted, I didn't know what he wanted, but we came out ok on the other side.  He wasn't colicky he was just...I don't know what.  I'm surprised I ever had any other kids after that.  Anyway, he's amazingly smart(like genius smart, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his Mom), he's patient w/ other people, tolerant of everyone, friendly with everyone, not aggressive in any way... he's a lover, not a fighter.  He can fix a computer, he can solve Calculus equations, and he likes to cook, you can't beat that :D  He's a free spirit, goes w/ the flow, loves everyone...a true hippie, he would've fit right in w/ the 60's.  He's tall, blonde and adorable, loves music, loves Marching Band and just a good kid.  His teachers love him, his friends love him, his friend's parents love him.  I'm so proud of who he is and who he's become.  I wish he'd turn in his homework on time more often (hence the free spirit thing), but he's a great human being and that was my ultimate goal.

My middle son is 15..we'll call him Bigfoot because he does have HUGE feet.  He was and still is almost the exact opposite of Bob Shingles.  He was an EASY baby, sweet, smiley, nursed well, went to bed well, slept through the night good... night and day.  He's ALL boy, always was.  From the time he was 18 months til he was 2 I think he only quit making the "motorboat" noise when he was fully asleep.  He was always driving trucks or cars or something.  He's my animal lover, doesn't matter what type of animal he has a BIG 'ole soft spot for them.  Animals like him too.  He's quiet, and for a long time was painfully shy.  He was never one of those crazy over bearing little kids w/ animals, there was never any "I want to love you and squeeze you and call you George..." he would just sit quietly sucking on his fingers and the animals would just come to him.  He's an AMAZING builder, he once built a whole skate park out of cardboard for his little tech deck's and it looked like a real skate park.  He can build anything.   He's a great teenager too(not without faults of course, he's still human) he's kind, he's helpful, he is a good friend, great in an emergency, he's also amazingly smart, and will make a great man someday.

We were at a restaurant.
My youngest son...we'll call him Poose, that's really his nickname, he hates it now, but it was so cute when he was little.  My oldest son was playing w/ him when he was a baby, talking baby talk to him to get him to smile, he said, "aren't you just a cute little Babypoose.." and it stuck.  We leave off the "Baby" part now, but he's not real fond of Poose either.  He's smart, outgoing, inventive, loving, loyal, aggressive, and a good kid.   He was a great baby, so sweet and easy going.   He was always amazing at entertaining himself, still is.  He would make a 'track' in the living room and race his little Monster Trucks all over it for HOURS.  He would welcome you to play w/ him, but he was fine w/ playing alone too.  He would set up elaborate Monster Truck rallies and race them through the course.  He's SO creative, if he wants something and doesn't have it, he'll make his own.  He made himself a NASCAR track to race his cars around by taping together several sheets of paper and cutting them in an oval, then marking the lanes, pit row, the Finish line.  Pretty cool.  He's sweet and sensitive and rough and tough at the same time.  He's a good kid w/ his heart in the right place.

That's my boys in a nutshell, there are so many stories and so many other great things about them, they are all amazing in their own way, and frustrating, and nerve wracking and loving and wonderful.  The oldest two tower over me and love every minute of it, and the 3rd one can't wait til he's that big.  "Hey Mom, how's the weather down there?"  I'm not even that short at 5'6", "Mom do you need me to reach that for you?"  They think it's SO funny.

Livin' the dream.
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  1. Awww, how cute! Honestly for me - my son was my tough kid. He's an amazing young man now - but no piece of cake raising! My girls are easy. (so far) I know what to expect because when it comes to the "Great American Bitch-off" - Momma's gonna win hands down! :) Great tribute to your babies!

  2. Great post! My son is only 3.5...but it's gone by in a flash, just as I'm sure it has for you too:) And even though my daughter is only 14 months, I already agree with you. Boys?? Defintely easier. At least so far!