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Saturday, April 14, 2012

80's Party! Things that make ya go Hmmmm...

Last night we attended an 80's Bunco party w/ The Crew(our particular group of friends).  What a great time!
Here's some pics, almost everyone got dressed up.  I ran out of time to shop for an outfit, so mine was pretty lame, but the other girls jumped into the spirit. "Like Totally!"
The Garage Crew

Complete w/ obnoxious blue eye shadow, and frosty pink lipgloss.  No I wasn't stoned, it's just really hard to take a pic of yourself.  This is the best of like 5 pics.

The Breakfast Club Look :D

Madonna and Kid Rock LOL

The Dudes!

Just hanging out

Girls just wanna have FUN!


Things that make ya go Hmmmmmm...  
1. It's hard to "peg" your jeans when your old and fat, it also makes my fat little legs look more like sausages then they already do.
2. My hair was shorter in the 80's so easier to make it stand at attention and stay there, oh and you CAN still buy Aqua Net.
3. I probably should have wore heals w/ my jeans, but after working all day, I just couldn't do it. Complete fail on my obviously 2012 Nike's.
4. I really need to listen to 80's music more often, so many great songs that I'd forgotten about...Pandora here I come.
5. Who would've thought back then, that we would be listening to our favorite songs from a pocket sized device that could hold 1000's of songs!(Ipod touch).  We thought "Boom Boxes" were the SHIT back then, 8 "D" sized batteries and a pocket full of tapes :D
6. Who would have thought you could shop "online" and go to the store almost any time of day. Most stores weren't open 24 hours, nor were they open on Sundays.  By the time I got out of work yesterday I'd have had to FLY to get to the store on time to get my Aqua Net fix!(I actually used Aussie, and it works just as well).
7. "Like Totally", "Gag me w/ a SPOON", "Righteous!" "Bitchin!" nobody says that anymore :D
8. One of the girls brought a 110 camera!  Holy cow! Of course we were all clicking away w/ our digitals that hold 100's to 1000's of pics and we can delete the ones we don't like instead of having to drop off the film and hope for the best, but be disappointed when we got them back.


  1. Replies
    1. :D Thanks, it reminded me why I don't bother to do that anymore, takes too long!

  2. Love it, I am having flash backs. I blame the hole in the ozone layer completly on Aqua Net. You could walk into the girls bathroom at school and there was so much of it in the air you wouldn't even need to use your own.

    1. uh huh, ours was like that too. It's a wonder we don't all have lung cancer or something.

  3. Ok... I read all of this & my contribution... You have MEN in your bunco group?? We have a totally no men allowed attitude to our Bunco :) Do love the 80's thing... I may copy - but I've got all the way until November to decide.
    Great pix! Oh - and I used Stiff Stuff to maintain my 80's hair back in the day. It wasn't high hair - it was a crash helmet :)

    1. Yea, I was kinda surprised the guys were invited too, but we learned our lesson, no guys next time :D They were pretty obnoxious.
      We got home pretty late and I was too tired to wash it out so I went to bed, and I kid you not, it was exactly the same the next day. So glad I don't waste time doing all that anymore.

  4. Found you through UBP. Love the 80's party!