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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday sucked.

Thank God!
So I go to work on Monday, nothing special, it's Monday.  I work from 12 to 4 so the day goes along uneventfully.  About 3:30 my Supervisor walks in, says "Hey, the Big C(my overall boss) wants to see you in his office."  So I jokingly hummed the death march and headed that direction.  I should have been suspicious when my supervisor didn't laugh.  She and I have a great working relationship, and we are chummy.  Walk into Big C's office and he also has the regional manager there.  Exchange pleasantries..."have a seat"  me: ok.  
Then the big "talk" happens. "well as you know our company's been taken over by National and in this merger there are lots of things going on.  You've done a PHENOMENAL job in your position and we thank you for all your hard work(Oh shit! this isn't good), unfortunately your position has been deemed unnecessary.  You can of course leave right away if you so choose and you will be paid til the end of today(at this point there's only 15 mins left of my day).  Also there's an offer of a severance package if you choose to sign the agreement, of three weeks pay."  (FUCK!)  So I was caught of guard, no...that would be an understatement, I was just drop kicked off a cliff.  WHAT. THE. HELL?  

OK we all knew about the merger, we all knew that these things were going to happen, but our boss, the Big C, had PROMISED us that we would get at least 2 weeks notice.  Uh huh...RIGHT!  You'd be proud though, I didn't cry, I didn't scream...I asked a few questions, and walked out of his office with my chin up.  I made it all the way to my office before I bawled, and my supervisor bawled w/ me.  She knew but wasn't allowed to tell me until the big C did.  She said she begged him not to do it, to give me at least a few days, but he wouldn't do it.  Knowing her, I'm sure she really did.  It took me the rest of my time to pack up my stuff so I could leave.  

Now I'm the proud owner of 3 weeks paid vacation, and a spot in the unemployment line.  Also four kids, a dog, a  horse, various bills, and a terminally ill husband on disability.   To say I'm stressed might be putting it a big lightly.  Just a tad.

I was already taking a class to get a better job, but I was hoping I'd at least have the other job until the test for the new position.  Looks like that got shit on. So off I go a'job huntin' to hopefully tide us over til the test for the new one.  My supervisor did write me a kick-ass recommendation so at least I have that.  ON the upside, it's Wednesday and I haven't killed anyone yet, so looks like I'll survive.


  1. Wow, that sucks & I'm so sorry! I wish I had something more cheery to say. I wish you the best. I'm having a glass of wine at the moment & lifting my glass to you.

  2. That is Horrible. I am so sorry. I Hope all goes well with the new Job hunting. I'll keep your family in my thoughts.

  3. Thanks ladies...I forgot I have a bottle of wine in the fridge! I think I'll have a glass(or five) of wine tonight :D

  4. So sorry to hear that. Our work did a 10% reducation in pay last year (still in effect) and they just announced lay offs. WHEN is this economny going to turn around????

  5. OH SHIT!!! I thought my week had been shitty...then I read this!! Good luck with the job hunting...I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.