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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Your daughter is a poor sport!

Not mine, but I would LOVE to say this to one of the team Moms. Except it would probably end in the first fist fight at a Baton competition, or Moms getting shot or some such mess.  It's not Soccer or little league baseball, but nothing is safe anymore!

  My daughter had a competition this weekend.   It was Pom Pom and Baton teams and solo events.  The teams are on Saturdays and the solo events are on Sundays.  You can read my rundown of events here. We travel w/ a team of girls that are all under the tutelage of one coach(and her daughter sometimes).  So on Sundays we hang out w/ the rest of the Moms, and girls that twirl for our organization. The girls try to watch each other's solos and cheer them on if they are not performing at the same time(in different parts of the gym).

I was waiting in line w/ my daughter for her division to start and watching one of our other team girls do her solo.   She was doing great and only had one drop that I saw, and seemed to finish nicely.  At the end of their solos our girls turn away from the judge and march back 8 steps, and then turn back to the judge and finish w/ a wave or some sort of ending.  This particular girl STOMPED away from the judge w/ a REALLY NASTY look on her face, turned did her finishing movement, and finished STOMPING into the stands, crying and then yelling at her mother when she asked her what happened.  This is not new, I've seen this girl (and a couple others) throw their baton, Stomp their feet, get nasty w/ everyone around them...etc.  When THEY feel they've not done well in their solo.

 I WISH I could've had my camera ready to take a picture of her face.  Next time I will.  Better yet, I WISH the judge could have seen her face as she was marching away.  This sets a bad example to all the younger girls(and mine) who are just starting out.  I would NEVER allow my daughter to act this way.  There is no way that is acceptable.  How she(the girl) ever got started acting this way and not getting a serious talking to..I don't know.  I know the coach didn't see her cause she was busy judging, I know she would have said something.  I just don't understand why her parents allow this.  I tell my daughter, do your best, enjoy it and have fun, because what's the sense of doing it if it's not fun.

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